The Sloucher Mix CD – Autumn edition

Oh, dear, did you read that last comic we made and think: who can save us?

The answer,  sadly, will come ’round October. In the meantime, how does an entire free cd of music sound?

It’s that time again, we bring you some of our favourite bands of the past six months. Well, at least the ones we managed to blackmail into donating something! You’ll find stuff here for all tastes: rock, heavy rock, a very dark shade of chamber pop (from Manchester), bluesdeathmetal (from the Deep South of Yorkshire, Alabama), indie pop and even some shoegaze.

All these files were graciously donated by the artists, with the promise that we wouldn’t make a nickel out of it. And we kept our promise. The songs are free. No mailing lists, no hoops, free is free.  If you like any of these songs, follow the convenient (debatable) links to the bands you like and drop em a line, add em on twitter or stalk them on facebook. They give you a song and if the song clicked, let ’em know that it’s a good one. And maybe ask for more (I’m cheeky, I know).

We also like to thank every single soul involved with this compilation, both artists, management, tech guys and of course, the illustrator of the logo. Miller, you rock.

Remember what we said before, if you enjoy any of these bands, become a fan of them on Facebook. Drop them a line. Add them on Myspace. Tweet them back. All links are provided for your convenience. You can do it while you re-listen to the track you like best. They will appreciate any kind words/feedback you have for them. Don’t thank us, we are just  the traffickers delivery team (equal opportunity slackers too) . Thank the musicians.

Your pals (unless you write for us, then it’s “Yes, Boss, it will be on time at the site”)

Misky and Quinto.

Copy and paste the link, and while it downloads, why not read some about the bands?

Down the Lees (Vancouver)

“A true survivor of the 90s (like some people on this website), Laura Lee Schultz is the main engine that powers Down The Lees, a band I got to know thanks to CD Baby and Soma.FM. Caustic, sincere and cutting like a knife, this is the way she delivers her music. Add to that a bit of DIY and you got a class act that keeps evolving.” – Quinto

Facebook. Twitter. Myspace.

Electric Tape Recorder (Sheffield)

“A stark, constant drumming paired with a chunky guitar playing proper psychedelic riffs and topped with a vocal delivery that sounds like a frightened soul ready for departure to the next plane of existence. All that and some interesting lyrics that sound somewhere between a sea shanty and a bar-hopping death trip in Bukowski’s LA. (check ‘Cinnamon statue’ on their Myspace). A band that delivers both on album and live.” – Sam

Myspace. Facebook.

Heavy Young Heathens (Los Angeles)

“I am a big fan of this duo. Psychedelic, folky, rocky, down and dirty, catchy bass lines and powerful vocals with a good ear for the odd harmony – pretty much all the elements that make for a blistering rock band. Despite the fact that Quinto is not one for comparisons (and neither, in all honesty, am I) I keep wanting to describe the band as a ‘gutsy hybrid between a more technically skilled MGMT and the guys from Death From Above 1979 at their best’…but enough journo speak for now. I literally cannot believe Heavy Young Heathens are not signed, perhaps A&R people really are deaf and dumb; never mind, they seem to be doing pretty bloody well by themselves. Enjoy!”- PM

Website. Free album. Myspace. Facebook.

Japanese Sleepers (Nottingham/Sheffield)

“Indie pop never sounded so robotic (in a good way) and yet, so sweet. A band with a great sense of humour (first time I saw them, it felt like the twee tribute to Transformers) and some nice ditties. They are giving away a few demo songs while recording some stuff for later release. Don’t be strangers.” – Sam.

Facebook. Myspace. Reverbnation.

La Folie (Sheffield)

“Sheffield band La Folie aren’t afraid of creating noise. One listen to any of the tracks from album Risus Sardonicus will present the listener with disorderly, boisterous and unruly rock with great soaring guitar hooks and rasping roaring vocals, all with a slightly surreal edge (think the Pixies and you’re on the right track). ‘Interlopers’ is completely addictive, you have been warned!” – PM

Myspace. Facebook. Twitter.

Standard Fare (Sheffield)

“Bands now seem fond of the 80s’ music resources or just a blend going from the 50s to the 80s; the result might be a new style or just a bad nostalgia speech. Standard Fare did achieve the first result with excellent 80s styled riffs, rock & roll styled guitars and a creative and intelligent method to distribute music components wisely, making of their music a perfect soundtrack for sunny days and blue skies, as the sound of joy. Just push play and prepare to feel happy and dance to the rhythm of it.” – Tonan

Facebook. Myspace. Twitter. Spotify.

Last Harbour (Manchester)

“Melodrama. That’s Last Harbour in word association. Their albums are intricate and verbose, like a small play with a gothic story line (but no recurrent musical motifs) or a thick, engrossing graphic novel. The starkness is thick in the atmosphere. Their artwork is a perfect complement for what you hear and it’s music that’s demanding for your attention.” –Sam

Website. Soundcloud. Myspace. Facebook. Spotify.

Fuzzy Lights  (Cambridge)

“Another class act from Mancunian label Little Red Rabbit, this band goes for a very theatrical (and noisy) style of Americana, schizophrenically jumping between brooding slowly in the background then blowing in a wall of sound. With a wrecking ball. Hailing from Cambridge and ready to show a thing or two about the way indie music should be done.” – Sam

Website. Facebook. Twitter. Myspace. Spotify.

The Monicans (Sheffield, after high tailing it outta Australia)

“There’s some rock platitudes on their sound that feel like the proper checking list that you just gotta do when playing some proper, old school baffle & amp blowing stuff. Then they go for soundscapes that evolve and devolve, reeling you in from time to time, just to let you know they play rough and they do a fine job at it.” – Quinto.

Myspace. Facebook. Last.Fm. Spotify. Reverbnation .

The Violet May (Sheffield)

“If you think that due to any strange or particular reason that there’s no life beyond famous Sheffield bands or singers, and that all music should sound like the ones before them, you’re so wrong! Violet May has come and left its powerful mark in our ears to prove there’s more to music than this.  Sexy male voice, solid bass lines, drums that can help you loose yourself and do whatever you please, strong guitar (as a guitar with tremendously high self-esteem) are the line-up of a band whose creativity is unquestionable and can take you from electronic styles to pure 70s psychedelic music. Yeah!” –Tonan

Myspace. Facebook. Twitter. Spotify.

Nat Johnson & The Figureheads (Sheffield)

“Here at Sloucher HQ, Nat Johnson and the Figureheads have been described as ‘angry anti-folk’ and ‘sweet, totally endearing pop’ practically in the same sentence. Encompassing all of the above within one band shows how multi-faceted the music is and how much meaning and emotion Nat Johnson manages to cram into her lyrics. Whichever way you view the music, it’s clear that there is so much in store from these musicians and we feel honoured to feature Nat Johnson & the Figureheads here at Sloucher, for your listening pleasure.” – PM

Myspace. Website. Facebook. Twitter. Youtube.

The Lucid Dream (Carlisle)

“The sound of shoegaze and lo fi clash to make some old school reverberation that is sorely missed. The droning voices, distant voices, the drumming and that layered guitar work are all what make this band a wonderful trip sideways down memory lane.” – Quinto.


Retro Soup (Sheffield/Lincoln)

“A duo making some industrial stuff with experimental moments that can be a little chaotic and unhinged, but that go to some dark places in the dark psyche of a keyboard and guitar band. Never afraid to do stuff that’s probably illegal in some music schools, they will do their best to do something weird and live to tell about it” – Sam.

Myspace. Facebook. Twitter. Spotify. Website.

obLONG (Sheffield with a hint of Spain)

“A band with the right attitude from all fronts. Bass, guitar, drums and voice all do their jobs with gusto and although they put one heckuva heavy show, they are all very nice people out of the stage. Songs can be quite dark on lyrical content and downright soulwrenching on musical form, but there’s a part of that penched-up anger that fills your soul that get released after listening to an obLONG song” – Sam.


Wet Nuns (Sheffield, Alabama)

“This band is completely like time traveling, then chit-chatting with Jimi Hendrix and taking some classic rock bands’ style as the cure for today’s autotuned music. All resources in place, as minimum as they can be, are used with the most amazing and unbelievable twist: guitar distortions reaching the sound of banjos, voice distorted as a hellbent priest (is there any other kind?) calling his herd, determined and experimental drums that would make me think of The Rapture (an out-of-order one), all under a hilly, ultra traditional Sunday-at-the-farm context with a pinch of blues, always fighting against all conventions and maybe having a swig of moonshine while at it.” – Tonan.

Myspace. Facebook. Free EP.

And now, again… HERE’S THE LINK (copy and paste):

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