Review: Down the Lees – Wear Me Out

There’s the (maybe apocryphal) quote by Jorge Luis Borges where he declares that “novels are a waste of time; if you can’t say it as a short story, don’t say it at all“. Maybe LL Schultz has been following this advice lately, as the EP Island series of EPs have been nothing but solid. Now that same philosophy is applied to Wear Me Out, the new … Continue reading Review: Down the Lees – Wear Me Out

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Interview – EP Island

Photo by Michele Brayton

A while ago, we interviewed LL Schultz because her band Down the Lees frankly rocks. We asked about the EP Island project (question 7!), got told it was alive and kicking but heard no more for a while.

Time seriously passed. EP Island ‘s newest EP, Sweet’ish got released and we loved every single track of it.  So, we sent LL Schultz (guitar, vox, keyboard), Sarah Jane Truman (bass, vox) and Melanie Covey (drums, percussion) a bunch of questions and they courteously answered them,  which made us very happy! We even did a little victory jig and all.

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A third degree passing as an interview with LL Schultz

Interview – LL Schultz (Down the lees)

We (ok, Sam and Quinto) catch up with the multitalented LL Schultz and grill her for all things music, DIY and nineties for your reading pleasure.

If you need music with yer interview, just press play.

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The Sloucher Mix CD – Autumn edition

Oh, dear, did you read that last comic we made and think: who can save us?

The answer,  sadly, will come ’round October. In the meantime, how does an entire free cd of music sound?

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