30 days, 30 bands – #27 The Violet May

“No, you aren’t the Sex Pistols, stop acting like this!” – a fellow reviewer on twitter referring to the Violet May’s set at The Foundry. Another band I got into thanks to The Hope Explosion. It was them who got me into The Violet May after a long conversation in the lovely beer garden at the Fat Cat. The stories, the myths, the ferocity.  I missed … Continue reading 30 days, 30 bands – #27 The Violet May

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EP Round Up : Adi Carter, Deaf Club, Good Weather for an Airstrike, The Violet May


Hullo, guvs and guvnettes, this is our always late EP round up, where we trawl through the titanic troves of tinnitus-inducing music and bring you the best of what’s around. Or at least what WE think it’s the best of what’s around.

Remember: don’t adjust your opinion.

In our usual analogy form, we will be comparing each of these EPs to something cool and entertaining. For this week’s edition, I’m comparing each EP to a character from David Mamet‘s Glengarry Glen Ross. Sounds good? Read on. Sounds bad? Uh, please read on. My ego needs to be read. Continue reading “EP Round Up : Adi Carter, Deaf Club, Good Weather for an Airstrike, The Violet May”

Tramlines 2012 – Guest review #2

Tramlines Festival 2012: Saturday 21st July

Saturday at Tramlines is always the main event and the day you can pack more into (not being at work and all). As the sun finally appeared, I made my way to the band stand in Weston Park to catch The Early Cartographers who, with their expansive line-up and multi-instrumental nature, were a good fit for a lunchtime slot on a sunny Saturday. They do have a dark side though, blinding several small children in ugly sweet-throwing scenes (joking, of course).  Continue reading “Tramlines 2012 – Guest review #2”

Review: Tramlines 2012 (the whole weekend)

Tramlines 2012. It was a long experience as somehow I thought I could manage to get as many bands as I could if I did half-sets.

I probably shouldn’t plan gig attendances while surrounded by chemicals in the analytical lab.

In the spirit of inside jokes (I.e. the quest of the perfect name for a label), here’s my caffeine-fuelled review. Continue reading “Review: Tramlines 2012 (the whole weekend)”

Ninjas vs Romans Mix Cd

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It’s April so you know there’s a couple of important events coming up:

  • Taxes (uh oh, fill those forms a-ok!)
  • Semana Santa (fin de cuaresma, yeah!)
  • Easter (no Doctor Who special, though, boo)

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Rawfusion 2011

The idea sounded good. A free festival reuniting quite a collection of up and coming bands in Rotherham and offer a day of entertainment.

The Dickens Live venue is a stone’s throw from the bus interchange, always a good thing to know when you don’t own a car and might need to zap back to wherever you came from or face the prospect of squatting in a city bench, something I can only recommend if you’re in Manchester (don’t ask).

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Would you like fries with that?

The Violet May @ Frog and Parrot, 26 of February

(stream – ‘TV (demo version’)


After almost three months of well-deserved holidays (and some serious bouts of recording), The Violet May play a quick gig at the Frog & Parrot, that cozy pub in Division Street.

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