The Sloucher Mix CD

Did you read our last comic and wondered what was on those boxes?

So did we! Misky and Quinto took a peek and it was… a bunch of free mix cds!

This is a free compilation (first, but not the last!), we don’t want money for it and if you want to say thanks to anyone, click on the links of the bands and tell them you like their stuff (well, the tracks you liked). Nobody will make money out of this, we are just putting this out for your consideration.

These are a few of the many talented bands we had the pleasure to listen to, some are from here, good ol’ Sheffield. Some are from nearby towns. Two of them jumped the Atlantic just to say hi. We’d like to share them with you and, in the words of Jack Black, “don’t be a douche and share them with your friends” [citation needed].

All these files were graciously donated by the artists. We can’t express how much we thank them for this. You’re all top class and we hope we manage to get as much as attention to you from new fans as the attention you give to your splendid music.

We also like to thank every single soul involved with this compilation, both artists, management, tech guys and of course, the illustrator of the logo.

Remember, if you enjoy any of these bands, become a fan of them on Facebook. Drop them a line. Add them on Myspace. Tweet them back. All links are provided for your convenience. You can do it while you re-listen to the track you like best. They will appreciate any kind words/feedback you have for them. Don’t thank us, we are just delivery boys (and girls. Thank the musicians.

Cheers and read on for more info

Your pals (unless you write for us, then it’s “Your Highness”)

Misky and Quinto.

Cats:for:Peru (Sheffield)

“What a lovely name for a band! At a glance, this music concept looked so cute to me (cats in baskets with parachutes), but then listened to the music and one word would come to my head: ECCLECTIC! Going up and down into musical styles from hip hop, 80s-like beats, bass lines and drums from 90s metal and beyond, Cats:for:Peru’s style would be better described through their quoted CD cover: cats and parachutes of different colours. Original, fresh tunes to fill your ears, memories and senses with brand new shades.”-Tonan.

Website. Facebook. Myspace. Twitter. Free tracks.

Smokers Die Younger (Sheffield)

“After two albums Sheffield’s Smokers Die Younger are hitting harder than ever. Their funky, keyboardy melodic indie rock will literally have you hooked by your fingernails, clinging on for dear life. What I like about this band is that they sound real, the lyrics are relatable and the singer has a quirky voice which sounds great amongst all the backing harmonies. Enjoy.” – Misky

Blog. Facebook. Myspace.

The Hope Explosion (Sheffield)

“Their sound is deceptively simple: two guitars + drums. Easy, right? And that’s the beauty of their music, there’s no big production numbers, no fuckin’ dance routines and no fireworks (although that would rule – i love fireworks!), just a lot of talent, raw power and three gentlemen who know their shit and are not afraid to flaunt it” – Quinto.

Facebook. Myspace.

Lenders in the Temple (Sheffield)

“In times where it seems all human consciousness (thus, existence) will be wiped out from the planet’s surface, a band comes under the name of “Lenders in the Temple” and makes you think  of the Rapture, sins and the end of the world (according to the book). Full of Apocalyptic choruses, distorted guitars and deafening drums that would make you close your eyes and think of the world in flames( or the feeling of forgiveness), Lenders in the Temple is a Sheffield based band that found the sound of divinity among chaos.” -Tonan.

Facebook. Twitter. Myspace.

KiN (Manchester)

“It’s funny how things work. I got this album one cold day in November and got mesmerised by it. No songs in the EP are alike and I don’t get why a few unmentionables say that this is ‘another girl fronting a band’ sort of project. Yes, that might be similar to other projects, but did you actually bothered listening to the music? I did and boy, am I grateful!” – Sam.

Facebook. Twitter. Myspace. Blog.

The Unfortunate Incident (Sheffield)

“Sheffield’s The Unfortunate Incident are an intriguing mix of rock, punk, folk, poppiness and melody melded over raging harmonies and loud guitars. The band have released their first album Build Your Own Ark (Stay tuned for the review – M & Q) and can frequently be found gigging in and around Sheffield,  placating audiences with their robust live sound and endless amounts of energy. We wish these boys all the best!” – Misky

Facebook. Myspace. Twitter.

Bromheads (Sheffield)

“Happiness has found its chords and image in a band named Bromheads, invading our senses in the shape of Retro. Snappy and joyous sounds from two incredibly talented Sheffielders with amazingly creative minds. Time-traveling may come true with every Bromhead’s track, a Past-Present overlap expressed in 60s, 70s like guitar sounds mixed with the XXIst Century technology. You can touch the sand of your favorite beach and meet your summer love, remember or think of those good old “Peace and Love” times and Aquarius Age all in one, just press play and let yourself loose with Bromheads.” -Tonan.

Website. Facebook. Twitter. Myspace.

Is I cinema (Birmingham)

“These cats contacted Sloucher by email (maybe they found us under the ‘underachievers’ category?) and I sent Spam Sam to interview them. He said they sounded ‘experimental, post-rocky’. Got to agree and can’t wait for more of their stuff to crawl out from whatever dark corner of their collective minds is hiding and get put into tape” – Quinto.

Facebook. Myspace. Website.

Dirty Jeans (Barnsley)

“It’s the story I’ll keep telling until I leave this mortal coil: I loathed the gig where I heard them for the first time, but they managed to survive that day unscathed due to being classy in adversity. Besides, they have the chops to do some classic rock with a few bits of experimentation. Can’t go wrong with that” – Sam.

Last.Fm. Myspace. Facebook. Youtube. Twitter.

The Loud (Liverpool)

“A lovely band from the Wirral now. Just as the name suggests The Loud have a raw, noisy British sound which is saturated with reverby guitars and catchy hooks. They have just released a new and totally FREE EP  in which the general principle seems to be ‘Go hard or go home’. This band will rock you to your foundations kid, so do not proceed lightly.” – Misky

Facebook. Myspace.

Left Ajar (Sheffield)

“When I saw these guys, I really wanted to ignore my damaged knee and jump to their funk rock. It has an energy that might not be there on recordings but it sure is when you see them live. But then again, I’m a sucker for live music, specially if it sounds like this” – Sam.

Facebook. Twitter. Myspace. Reverbnation.

Just Handshakes (We’re British) (Leeds)

“The quirky little band that made think of Electrelane. Then I really paid attention. Pretty energetic, but at the same time, lo-fi and maybe a little retro. Even if the music is pretty upbeat, there’s this inherent sadness in Clara’s vocal delivery that haunts me.” -Sam.

Myspace, Facebook,, Twitter.

Lumiere (México)

“It is hard to find Mexican bands with innovative sounds and mostly, signing in Spanish! So, Kudos to Lumiere! A band based in Mexico City I would describe as sound chasers. Full of experimental guitar sounds and solid bass lines, this group is already bearer of a music style they can call THEIR OWN; it is hard to tell exactly what are the influences of this band (CONGRATS, Lumiere!), but a clear Rock taste or what we call Alternative Music. The whole fatalistic aura wraps the atmosphere once you open your senses and listen to Lumiere’s Fatalismo (Fatalism) CD. An original and gifted proposal from Mexico with Love!” – Tonan.

Website, Myspace , Facebook, Youtube.

Un Mexicano Enojado (México)

“An Angry Mexican. The name stuck when I read about them almost 2 years ago in a dark moody night at Salon 21 in Mexico City (I was visiting relatives of me ma!). I heard of them through a bunch of mp3s floating on the web. Might be a little rough ’round the edges, but the anger is there. A band with a statement to make” – Quinto.


Link for the amazingly FREE and 100% Mix Cd (remember: THANK the bands, not us!):

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