Looking back at … Pearl Jam – Vs.


I think it was the combination of three things what made me want to pick up Pearl Jam‘s Vs. from an aisle at that department store called Palacio de Hierro Durango in 1994. Continue reading “Looking back at … Pearl Jam – Vs.”

Looking back at… Soundgarden – Superunknown


Why do you need new bands? Everyone knows rock attained perfection in 1974. It’s a scientific fact.
— Homer Simpson, “Homerpalooza”

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Best of 2013


Yeah, it’s February and we are posting a “best of 2013.” Why? To drive a point home: if it’s irrelevant to post this right now, smack in the beginning of February, why do we accept a “best of” list before the end of the year, hmm?

Anyhoo, you just want to read what we think it’s the best stuff from 2013 and here it is. There are some omissions from your other regular “best of” lists, because why praise the same 10 or so albums everyone put in a pedestal?

Here’s a slightly more obscure list that is much more sensible (but the again, I would say that, being a contrarian and shit). Oh, and don’t worry about the order, honestly. I heard about 245 promos last year, liked probably half of them and loved about 50, so narrowing them down to this list just means I really support every single choice made here.

If you are a stickler for “best of the best” and for some unfathomed reason want me to stop dilly dallying and just choose the pick of the crop, listen to the top 8 choices. You will feel compelled to check the rest. Trust me.

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The Soapbox : It’s only words


A few years ago BBC Radio 2 conducted a survey among its listeners to determine what is the best opening line to a song. Due to the age demographic of Radio 2 listeners, the suggestions mainly hailed from the ’60s and ’70s, an era where many lyrics played a rather important part of the overall song. Continue reading “The Soapbox : It’s only words”

Looking back at… Zooropa


That thing about first impressions, it’s funny how it turns out to always be not true. My first impressions of U2 were the singles from The Joshua Tree, as that was the album that got played the most on Mexican commercial radio. So I thought for a long time that it was their first album (eh). Then they sorta disappeared from my radar. Continue reading “Looking back at… Zooropa”

Blog : Top 10 Crap Number One hits


When the news reached me I just shook my head in despair: Ant and Dec had grabbed the number 1 spot in the UK charts with ‘Let’s Get Ready to Rumble’. The track wasn’t good in 1994 when it only climbed to number 9 in the UK charts and it still isn’t good now some nineteen years later. All this aside, the duo sold an incredible 84,000 copies of the single in just a week, out selling other chart toppers The Saturdays, P!nk and Justin Timberlake. Continue reading “Blog : Top 10 Crap Number One hits”

Blog: The Gig – An Introduction


As a regular gig-goer with the observational skills of a complete creep, I think I am fairly qualified in giving my personal low-down on the interesting breeds you are likely to encounter at your local music venue. Maybe you could print this out and play The Gig bingo next time you go to see that mediocre band that you support purely because they share your postcode. I can ensure a night of intoxication. Continue reading “Blog: The Gig – An Introduction”

Opinion piece: Tweet others as you want to be tweeted

Close-up of Twitter
Source: http://www.freeimages.co.uk/

Everyone in Britain during 1993 knew of the James Bulger murder – a two-year-old Merseyside toddler who was abducted from the New Strand Shopping Centre, Liverpool, by two ten-year-old boys who tortured him, murdered him, and then dumped him on a railway line for his body to be severed in half, making it appear as an accident. Continue reading “Opinion piece: Tweet others as you want to be tweeted”

Looking back at: Zwan – Mary Star of the Sea


I remember it as it was yesterday. I was living in Beeston, in Uni accomodation. It was exam season in the University of Nottingham and while reading papers and making notes for a Soil Chemistry final, a very familiar voice on the radio sung a happy song. Continue reading “Looking back at: Zwan – Mary Star of the Sea”