30 days, 30 bands – #13 The Monicans

It’s a cold day in November. One of the side rooms of The Grapes, back when it still had gigs, but not for long. I think it was a week or so before I got on stage with Repo Men. The bitter cold rages outside while I talk to The Monicans. Heather, Paul and Lee were the longest serving incarnation of The Monicans, at least during those weird and wonderful Sheffield … Continue reading 30 days, 30 bands – #13 The Monicans

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A very good deed indeed

Various Artists – War on Want Album in a day

They did it. They finally did it. They made a monkey out of me. No, wait, wrong reference. G2 Studios recorded and mixed an album in less than 24 hours, all for charity.

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Tramlines 2011

Tramlines 2011. 

Every year, the city of Sheffield goes into full party mode and hosts the Tramlines festival, a veritable smogarsbord of musical talents, packed venues and heat stroke incidents (some of them rather unfortunate).

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Paving Stones – The Monicans

The Monicans, the band who flew from afar to take the city by storm (although sneakily). After travelling from the dark territories (no, not Mexico City) and living in a van while touring England, the band settled down in Sheffield (a city they have mentioned they like a lot) and decided to go for a grungy output filled with haunting sounds, a grungy vocal delivery, healthy use of eBow, a driven bass and a very solid drumming.

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The Leadmill Five

The Monicans @ Leadmill, with support from Dan Williamson, obLONG, Blue Lip Feel and The Hosts.

Starting up the night to everyone’s delight was Dan Williamson, always a pleasure to see live with his ditties. His set was short but sweet, with the solemnity that was the perfect hors d’oeuvre for the night. By the way, you can get his album for free, check the “links” section below (or just press here if you’re bored already with this review).

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Interview – The Monicans

The Monicans is one of those bands I’ve heard a lot about from other bands in Sheffield, sort of a band’s band. Their psychedelic, seedy music is pretty rocking and talking with them was quite fun. Check out this rather strange conversation, with a rather weird joke which went nowhere (my fault, really).

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The Sloucher Mix CD – Autumn edition

Oh, dear, did you read that last comic we made and think: who can save us?

The answer,  sadly, will come ’round October. In the meantime, how does an entire free cd of music sound?

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Singles: Violet May and The Monicans

A couple of songs doing the rounds here at the site… The Monicans – My Love Without pulling any punches, My Love, starts fast, meanders slightly but then decides to go for a rocking finale. Seriously, that last moment begs for a few jumps during a live show or at least a spot of headbobbing. The Monicans – Into The Rows The second half of … Continue reading Singles: Violet May and The Monicans

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