Looking back at: Shiner – Starless

  Editor’s note: We are big on Space Rock in this Shithole of a Website (TM). It’s probably the combination of shoegaze emotions and posthardcore sensibilities that make this genre such a joy to listen to. Hum, Failure, Castor, The Life and Times, Shiner, Withershins, Centaur, Vast Robot Armies, Withershins, Gazelle, National Skyline…you name ’em, we love ’em. When we heard that Shiner was re-releasing 2000’s Starless, our wallets … Continue reading Looking back at: Shiner – Starless

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The Lost Gem : Mad Season – Above

1994. A typical coffee shop in Seattle, Washington has four friends in the table looking like the world has crushed them. In way, it has. One of them is the lead guitarist of a highly successful band that’s in a the midst of a lawsuit with Ticketmaster. Another one is a blues bassist who met the guitarist while in rehab. The drummer is a junkie for multiculturalism and Zen. The singer has been through hell and back, several times, battling inner demons but always able to draw a wry smile on demand. Continue reading “The Lost Gem : Mad Season – Above”

The Lost Gem : Nirvana – In Utero

Nevermind reached dizzying commercial heights mainly due to that song; you know the one about spirit with the video that has loads of smoke and cheerleaders. It defined the term ‘grunge’ to a lot of people, and for a few uneducated people, it probably still does. Continue reading “The Lost Gem : Nirvana – In Utero”

The Lost Gem : Zurdok – Hombre Sintetizador

I gotta be honest: for a big while I was “allergic” to Rock en Español. The reasons are a bit complex and not related to the music per se, but other factors. It took me a while to really warm up to any band from my own country, but then again, I was a late bloomer to most music. Continue reading “The Lost Gem : Zurdok – Hombre Sintetizador”