30 days, 30 bands – #28 Wet Nuns

Author’s note:  It’s been almost two years since I wrote this. It was a couple of days after Leki left us. I was angry, depressed and confused. Leki was always nice to me. Every time I ran into him, either on West Street, at a gig or just rambling by the forest, he would always have a quick, honest smile for you. He was very empathic too. I saw … Continue reading 30 days, 30 bands – #28 Wet Nuns

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Gig : Wet Nuns (with Flaming Skulls, Royal Blood and Loom)


This was it. The Cloister Bell rang loudly and it beckoned them all: the hardcore fan, the converted and the odd chancer that wanted to say “I was at their last gig!”

Wet Nuns‘ last ever gig, a ceremony that would take place at Queens Social Road. Some people looked the part, others were partaking in photos with some of the celebrities mingling in the audience and the rest just wanted to be in the musical equivalent of a living funeral (only with more male nudity.) Continue reading “Gig : Wet Nuns (with Flaming Skulls, Royal Blood and Loom)”

Storyteller review: Wet Nuns – Wet Nuns


Note: The Storyteller Reviews are born from conversations between the author and another person. Friend, foe or complete stranger, their opinion and life story dictates the reception to new music. All conversations are transcribed and a story is weaved around as a first person narrative. We hope you enjoy this new feature at Sloucher! Continue reading “Storyteller review: Wet Nuns – Wet Nuns”

Tramlines 2013 – The good, the bad and the _____


Well, Tramlines 2013 is done and dusted and I’ve reviewed it amply for La Pop Life (a top site from México) and Goldflakepaint (a top site from Bristol). For my own Shithole of a Website (TM), Sloucher, I’ll do a bit of photo caption and then go into an assessment of the bad, the good and the _____. Continue reading “Tramlines 2013 – The good, the bad and the _____”

Review: Detestival


Wet Nuns have done The Great March from being in “Man and his dog (and a bowl of jambalaya)” gig to the big ones, like SXSW. Now they are armed with enough dark mana to organise their own festival, which, in tradition of their penchant for puns, is called Detestival.

Fuelled by the righteous rum Kraken and with not a single bag of Bombay Mix on sight, two days of music (gently kickstarted by a free gig on Friday night) ensued in that good ol’ place, Queens Social Club.

Continue reading “Review: Detestival”

Kvetching in Sheffield – #1

Art: Glenn Miller.
Wet Nuns. By: Glenn Miller.

Waddle, waddle, waddle, it’s Springtime for Hitler and Germany…no, wait, that’s from The Producers, the best pisstake musical ever. After Spamalot. I think. Hey, that’s no ordinary rabbit.

Right-o, no more Percol Americano for me. It’s off to Tamper Coffee to write this excuse for a preview. Continue reading “Kvetching in Sheffield – #1”

Bands to look for at SXSW 2013


Ahoy there! We are a broke, skint and demoralised, so we won’t make it to SXSW 2013 in Austin, home to the second best chili con carne I’ve had in my life (1st was in Arkansas, thanks for asking).

It matters not, here’s a list of bands we heartily recommend you do check at the festival. Why 42? Because I miss Douglas Adams, that’s why. Don’t forget to take a towel. All bands organised by date. Venues were correct at time of printing (I nicked the info from the official SXSW page). Continue reading “Bands to look for at SXSW 2013”