Interview: Heavy Young Heathens

Here at Sloucher towers a buzz went around the office; at first it was a quiet murmuring punctuated with swift gulps of coffee and then it culminated in the loud garage rock psychedelia that is Heavy Young Heathens’ recently released new EP Make Room for the Youth. We geeks at Sloucher were lucky enough to quiz the band on the new EP, being happily ‘unsigned’, releasing free music for fans, and their evolving sound…

Can you introduce yourselves for our readers? The well known journalistic resource and fact-checking-machine of Wikipedia says that you’re brothers?

HYH: Don’t believe everything that you read! But yes, it’s true. I am Robert and my brother is Aron. Together we are known as Heavy Young Heathens. Thanks for having us Sloucher…

You make quite a racket! However did your mother put up with you both?

HYH: Oddly enough, our troublesome ways were encouraged by both our parents. We are a loud lot the four of us…

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The Sloucher Mix CD – Autumn edition

Oh, dear, did you read that last comic we made and think: who can save us?

The answer,  sadly, will come ’round October. In the meantime, how does an entire free cd of music sound?

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