Best albums of 2014

  Ahoy there! We have another one of them fancy lists for your reading pleasure. Since everyone and their mothers (and farmers’ mothers) have a “best of” list by now, we asked our readers and collaborators for their choices. Some heard the call and voraciously, viciously and vividly described what they enjoyed (or not – more on that later) in this year of our Lord … Continue reading Best albums of 2014

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Review: Owen – Other People’s Songs

In every reviewer’s career, there’s always a very sharp axe inside a glass case. This case has a little chain with a Rod Stewart shaped hammer attached, ready to smash it. It’s the golden axe +5 reserved for cover albums. Many an artist resort to the “classics” or “the great American notebook” when they are strapped for cash or need a little release out to … Continue reading Review: Owen – Other People’s Songs

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Hey Sholay – ((O))

Continue reading “Hey Sholay – ((O))”

(Re)Mixed in Sheffield 3 : Crossing the line – Launch Party

“Sometimes, bands expect that a ‘remix’ should be just a ‘reproduce my song’ sort of thing. I usually take everything out, except the voice and then have fun with it”- Adi Carter.  Continue reading “(Re)Mixed in Sheffield 3 : Crossing the line – Launch Party”

Interview – Headlights & Psychic Twin

Photo taken from Psychic Twin’s Facebook.

Absinthe Blind. Headlights. Psychic Twin. Three very different bands, with a couple of members being transferred every time it undergoes a regeneration, Doctor Who style. Continue reading “Interview – Headlights & Psychic Twin”

Interview – Trojan Horse

#IFOWONPRO ! That means I For One Welcome Our New Prog Rock Overlords! Some say we are paraphrasing Grand Theft Auto Vice City, the less knowledgeable points out to a brilliant episode of The Simpsons but the true origin of the “I for one welcome our ___ overlords” is from an obscure 70s film based on H.G. Wells’ Empire of the Ants.

But, yeah, TrojanHorse, a prodigious fantastic quartet from Salford. We’ve reviewed them before, we even offered you with cupped hands one of their tracks. Heck, we even had to post again about them just to remind them their awesomeness (and the Power of The Beard ….compels you!) Now, we  sent them an email and the lovely band took some time from their heavy riffage exercise to answer them.  Continue reading “Interview – Trojan Horse”

That’ll be the last time we invite you!

It was a cold, bitter October afternoon (leading to a hypothermia-laden night) and the text message in my shitphone (i.e. any smartphone that doesn’t bear the Mark of The FruitBeast) read: “get yo’self to Budgie and the Toad”.

And I sez to meself: Ok.

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