Ninjas vs Romans Mix Cd

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It’s April so you know there’s a couple of important events coming up:

  • Taxes (uh oh, fill those forms a-ok!)
  • Semana Santa (fin de cuaresma, yeah!)
  • Easter (no Doctor Who special, though, boo)

April also marks that time a couple of years ago when Russell Crowe (or a rather convincing doppelganger) tried to kick my arse. Thank goodness for the poeople ocf Cobra-Fist for saving my rear that day! Not only did they teach me the secret arts of scroll writing (a subdivision of the discipline of spam), but they also left me with a cd that was so special, I had to save it for a special occasion. April 2nd isn’t a special occasion, but here’s the album, just for you.


While it downloads, this is what you get in the 1s and 0s inside:

FromMéxico we have the classy jazz of The Jonathan Arellano Project (who dons a mask and plays sax for URSS bajo el árbol) with ‘Éxodo’, a sentimental, groovy instrumental. We have also the peppy kids from Sickboy, offering another slice of their sumptuous space post rock.

Ever wondered what happened to rock and punk? We sometimes do, but then we get some rocking tunes from Sheffield legends like The Violet May and Wet Nuns, both who kindly donated a track each. They have been doing waves for the past two years, let’s see how they do this year!.

Still on a rocking groove, we have Gunning for Tamar, who’ve just released an EP in a wristwatch (suck it, Swatch!), Karhide and their instrumental heavy rock and The Letter, with some proggy rock ready to blast off to space (or the nearest planet).

But we do have something peaceful for you with a meditative inclination! The sugary sweet music of Model Village is good for a sunny day (let’s imagine there’s some sun today), Hanetration offers a bit of droning ambient for you who like to zone out to music before sleeping and Matthew P does his thing, with his catchy ditties.

Oi oi oi! Punk is not dead! It just went for a beer. We’ve got for you Off! , a band sporting members from Circle Jerks, Black Flag, Redd Kross and Rocket from the Crypt. Not entirely punk but still rocking the boots and the attitude, we have The Social Club, doing the voracious and vivacious shenanigans and Glow Kit, who are on the punk gear on speed and at the 9.5 setting on their reverb pedal.

We do love bands that amalgamate stuff and create something strangely weird but aurally pleasing. That’s why we are happy to include the psychedelic folk of Black Gold of the sun, a band that makes me think of Doctor Who and some daemons. Cool! We also have some strangely hypnotic dissonances in the form of Nonagon, for you who miss the days of bootleg copies of math rock bands. We had to include The Narrows not only due to their single being rather good, but because their lyrical work is quite interesting too.

On that note about fusions and throwbacks, there’s a little gothic track by Partly Faithful, hankening to be near Peter Murphy and his rather flexible limbs. Lo-fi and Jazz sound like chalk and cheese, but Great Deeds are doing the darndest to reach the goal (one drumroll at a time) and finally, Tall Ships get warped and transmorgrified (TM Calvin & Hobbes) by legends 65daysofstatic. 

We really hope you enjoy this mix cd. We always try to pander (in a good way) to all tastes. Ok, let’s say cater because that’s what we meant to say. Enjoy the compilation and remember: if you dig the songs, spread the word on the bands and check them out, you  might find some cracking gems in their repertoire.

Words: Sam

The Jonathan Arellano Project SoundcloudFacebookTwitterMyspace.

Gunning for Tamar WebsiteTwitterFacebookTumblr.

Sickboy TwitterBandcampTumblr.

Karhide WebsiteMyspaceLast.fmBandcampFacebookSoundcloud.

The Violet May Bandcamp. FacebookLast.fmTwitterSpotifySoundcloudMyspace.

Wet Nuns WebsiteBlawg BlogTwitterSoundcloudFacebookNuthin’.

Model Village Facebook. Bandcamp. Tumblr. Twitter

Off! Website. Facebook. Twitter. Myspace.

Matthew P WebsiteTwitterMyspaceSoundcloudYoutubeFacebook.

Tall Ships Website. Facebook.

The Narrows BandcampFacebookTwitter.

Hanetration Bandcamp. Facebook. Soundcloud. Website.

Nonagon Website. Bandcamp. Facebook.

Glow kit Facebook. Soundcloud.

The Letter Facebook. Soundcloud. Myspace.

The Social Club Facebook. Soundcloud. Bandcamp.

Great Deeds Website. Facebook. Bandcamp. Soundcloud. Twitter.

Partly Faithful WebsiteSoundcloudReverbnationBandcamp.

Black Gold of The Sun Facebook. Myspace.

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