Gig: Scaramanga Six, Cut Your Wings + Great Deeds


I swear I’m not making this up, but I had a feeling this gig was going to be something weird. It wasn’t the fact that I made a rather good pollo con mole for tea (see above picture) but the fact that a few minutes before I left the house, a horse-drawn carriage just passed by my house. Standard. Continue reading “Gig: Scaramanga Six, Cut Your Wings + Great Deeds”

Gig Review: Black International, Kimmy Yeah, Great Deeds, Ghost of Alaska

The chilly wind was back on full effect on that Saturday night, where the only three reasons to continue walking were the inclination of the hill (downhill – wheeee!), Converse shoes with holes on “dem soles” and Chino “Berrinches” Moreno screaming about holes in the Earth’s surface.

Standard September night. Selah. Still, there was a good reason to go out, as Scotland’s own Black International were gigging and when this duo beckons, you’d better heed the call or suffer the consequences (i.e. getting made fun of by their rather quick wit). Continue reading “Gig Review: Black International, Kimmy Yeah, Great Deeds, Ghost of Alaska”

Wake up to Great Deeds

Buzzzzz! That’s the sound of Great Deeds chopping down the joshua tree. Woop woop is the sound of the (da!) police, chasing them away for cutting down a U2 sanctioned landmark. While they are on the run from the fuzz, here’s their brand new video, ‘Bulb’. The band will be releasing their new EP Disastrochimp soon, very, very soon.  Great Deeds Website. Facebook. Bandcamp. Soundcloud. Twitter. Continue reading Wake up to Great Deeds

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Review: Tramlines 2012 (the whole weekend)

Tramlines 2012. It was a long experience as somehow I thought I could manage to get as many bands as I could if I did half-sets.

I probably shouldn’t plan gig attendances while surrounded by chemicals in the analytical lab.

In the spirit of inside jokes (I.e. the quest of the perfect name for a label), here’s my caffeine-fuelled review. Continue reading “Review: Tramlines 2012 (the whole weekend)”

EP Round up: Great Deeds, Bayone, Dead Sea Navigators, Zahed Sultan

Hullo hullo, it’s your editor-in-training, Orestes P. Xistos and I’ll be doing this week’s EP round-up. In honour of how good The Avengers are doing, I’ll be assigning some cheap ass nerd taxonomy to these bands. Apologies in advance. Shyeah right. Continue reading “EP Round up: Great Deeds, Bayone, Dead Sea Navigators, Zahed Sultan”

Ninjas vs Romans Mix Cd

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It’s April so you know there’s a couple of important events coming up:

  • Taxes (uh oh, fill those forms a-ok!)
  • Semana Santa (fin de cuaresma, yeah!)
  • Easter (no Doctor Who special, though, boo)

Continue reading “Ninjas vs Romans Mix Cd”