Spotify Playlist: Praline

  The economic uncertainties brought by political change, the nastiest of all changes, pulsates fiercely through our minds. “At least we still have music” will the pollyanna-minded ones proclaim. Others will scoff and smirk, thinking that music amounts to a hill of beans in the larger political spectrum. I can’t offer any political solutions. I can offer you a playlist. From the new leaves turned … Continue reading Spotify Playlist: Praline

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New music – May 23th, 2014


It’s near the end of May and we are nearing the halfway mark for 2014. So far, so good? Listen buster, do I look like someone who could answer that question?

But what I can do is offer you a lil’ mix with some of the best new music I’ve heard this week. Let’s tarry no longer here, my good chap: Continue reading “New music – May 23th, 2014”

New music – May 16th, 2014

  OK, not all is “new” here, most egregious of all is the inclusion of Len‘s ‘Steal my sunshine’, but hear me out: the song will be re-released by the mighty Alcopop! Records and I’m fond of this song as it reminds me of a girl, who was called Paola, not Karen. But, yes, new music, please! Listen the post rock odes from Mexico’s Jvne, the lovely … Continue reading New music – May 16th, 2014

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Mix: New Music – May 9th, 2014

Well, here we go with another righteous mix of new music, just for you and your lovely weekend. Carefully curated and hopefully never taken down, unless we get sued by Lars Ulrich. Which is probable. So, which bands do you like best? Leave us a comment! Or if you don’t like any, leave a comment saying how much my taste sucks. Which is an all … Continue reading Mix: New Music – May 9th, 2014

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Ninjas vs Romans Mix Cd

Did you miss us? Of course not! You are subscribed to our blog and share it with your friends (and enemies), right? RIGHT?


It’s April so you know there’s a couple of important events coming up:

  • Taxes (uh oh, fill those forms a-ok!)
  • Semana Santa (fin de cuaresma, yeah!)
  • Easter (no Doctor Who special, though, boo)

Continue reading “Ninjas vs Romans Mix Cd”

Tamal Superbowl Mix CD

Whoa! It feels like it was barely  a couple of months ago (43 days, but who is counting?) that we brought you not one but two awesome mix cds from bands that might be unknown, but golly gee willickers, they are good. Especially Wet Nuns (they bribed us). Continue reading “Tamal Superbowl Mix CD”