From the newsdesk – 1

Greetings, humans and carbon units pretending to be humans, it’s me, Orestes P. Xistos with a quick news round-up for your reading displeasure:

-Singer & songwriter Jess Morgan is currently running a funding campaign through the very useful Pledge Music to get her debut album funded. Just a few days left, but it’s sounding pretty nifty. Get more details here.

-Pssst! You want some free mix cds? We have given away 3, tres, three, trois very good mixes in the last months! We had one for the Mexican celebration of Posadas, then we had one for Boxing Day, so you Brits can’t accuse us of not blending in. We also had one celebrating that religious experience called the Superbowl. With Tamales. Click here and check out new and exciting bands!

-The people at Cognitive Dissonance have joined forces with Café Music Studios and Supernormal Festival to create Symbiosis, a project looking to help a band mix & master a record, get PR from Cognitive Dissonance and play at Supernormal Festival. Read more about the line up right here.

-Local superheroes (they are kinda like the West Coast Avengers, really) Hey Sholay has just signed with Fierce Panda Records. Catch up with an interview we did to one of their members (allegedly), check a couple of reviews from their recordings (split ep, single, tape and pray to Jebus they didn’t give up the KAOSSilator for lent. Want more Hey Sholay stuff? An interview with their biggest enemy and a poem, maybe?

-Do you live in Sheffield and fear for the future of our very nice librarians after those stupid cuts were made? You can help them by joining them on February 29th at the Quaker Meeting House (map), from 6:30 pm onwards.

-What is WTF Festival? Well, it’s an event with several musical genres and poetry at Ruta Maya in Austin, Texas. The date? March 14th. The catch? Well, they’re struggling for funding. Here’s a kickstarter link. Need to know more? Here’s their website.

-After a couple of EPs (yes, two!), Louise Distras will now record a full length album in London, produced by Pat Collier (who has worked with Maximo Park and New Model Army) and Steve WhaleMs. Distras next festival appearance will be at Another Winter Of Discontent Festival, London.

-Are you enjoying lent? We aren’t and have now created our own cult, led by mythical figure (and gonzo pet) Orestes “P. is for Phony” Xistos. JOIN THE CULT OF COWDONIA, human! (unless you don’t like milk).

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