Hey Sholay / Mad Colours Split EP

One day in the distant past (December 2011), Hey Sholay and Mad Colours got locked up in a studio, Tango & Cash style.

What are the bands to do? Cover each other (musically, you pervert) and then do a spot of jamming. Just because.

First of all, Mad Colours takes on Hey Sholay‘s classic rock and roll single, ‘Dreamboat’. Gone is the quiff-friendly, Irish folk approach and now it’s a manic, tropical version that harks to the mixtape a trailero would use after downing some Nodoz with mezcal. Funky and funny.

Here it is:

Compare to Hey Sholay‘s original?

Now, Hey Sholay come around an drone-ise Mad Colours. Kinda like the Cybermen taking a human and putting bits and pieces and a lot of tubings everywhere (yes, everywhere – they are real thorough). The voice is now vocoded and the lyrics are more of an AMI-encrypted gospel. Take it as the evil twin of ‘The Bears, the clocks, the bears’ and enjoy it’s extended instrumental passages.

Compare to Mad Colours‘s original?

But, those two covers aren’t what’s really interesting in this split, what really is will be waiting in the form of an 18 minute musical piece called ‘Slowly build up your reputation in an alternative virtual world as a covert guerilla sculptor distributor’. If you don’t like long songs, skip it. If you do like instrumental tracks with a lot of layers and experimenting, this one is the real meat of the release. Possibly one to play over and over to find the different ideas set up (love the rocking out moments from 7:00 to 10:00. Several moments: rock, drone, psychedelia. It’s like their own version of ‘Gossamer’ (by The Smashing Pumpkins).

I like it, but results may vary.

Words: Sam

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PS: Why is this split titled Hey Sholay vs Mad Colours : electric boogaloo?

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