Single reviews – Low, Gallops, Hey Sholay! and Mazes

Ahoy, you peons dear readers, here’s a round up of lovely tunes we’ve been listening to. Hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

GALLOPS – Joust / Eukodol

‘Let the music be what it is’, a motto better found during jamming sessions as to let go and let things be just what they are. This seems to be a major belief making the music of Gallops, who now introduce two singles: ‘Joust’ and ‘Eukodol’.

Both tracks include the electronic and organic resources mixed at the point Gallops would only know well, all covered with the enthusiastic and synchronized subconscious of all of the band members, as to always play the right sounds at the right time and pace.

‘Joust’ starts firmly to defiant and iterative rhythms that accurately complement with other ideas through organ and guitar sounds. There’s a somewhat clear structure into this song, but still manages to keep us wondering on what’s next to listen with a kind of accuracy Gallops can only achieve through chaos.

The introductory sounds of ‘Eukodol’ are more than inviting to a new dimension with ghosts and mystery included. This is a mathematical space and time where all of the numbers build patterns like curtains and unveil through a constant drumming the concreteness of this world. – Tonan

Hey Sholay – Dreamboat / The Bears The Clocks The Bees

The Sholay juggernaut puts Magneto‘s helmet, grows sideburns and drinks a pint of whoop ass with this double A single. Gig staple ‘Dreamboat’ is still a pure rock and roll moment that delivers the punch, but a friendly one, like a paladin kicking your arse and then casting lay on hands and taking some of the pain away. Pretty nifty and filled to the brim with “ooh ooh oohs”. A perfect summery song.

The slower, more experimental (and certainly even more entertaining) side of Hey Sholay pops its head (with another head attached) in ‘The Bears, The Clocks, The Bees’. Five minutes of a song that pretends to be pop but then mutates into something wholly different, with a few slightly psychedelic moments, specially during the last, mantra-like minutes where lead singer Liam’s voice repeats a phrase while everyone else does permutations with their musical instruments. Onslaught ain’t got shit on them, this is a solid release. –Sam

Cranky Xavier/Erik amalgamation doesn't care about rock.

Low – Especially Me

“(…) you’ll see devils tearing your life away, but if you’ve made your peace, then devils are really angels freeing you from the earth” (J. Ladder). No words of my own to explain what Low sounds to me, but as quoted before. Their new single, ‘Especially Me’, brings texture of dreams in memories lost forever, skylines of grey, yellow and blue tones. The voice of Mimi Parker is found between clouds and soft present and future, glancing at the wounds of past. The heartbeat being the main base of this song gives shape to a broken heart trying to mend violently, leaving trays of haunting tears. This song is just beautiful. -Tonan

Mazes – Summer hits

These lovely lads and their easy going, catchy garage rock in a less than 2 minutes dose work wonderfully, except it feels like it needs more. More Mazes I say. They are seriously cool live (noisy too) and this carefree video is an accurate representation of the freedom, relaxing atmosphere you get from seeing them live. The song is short, sweet and reverberated, just like most of A thousand plays (cheeky plug for our review). –Sam

Mazes Website. Facebook. Twitter. Myspace. Spotify. Interview.

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Low Website. Myspace. Spotify.

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