Tamal Superbowl Mix CD

Whoa! It feels like it was barely  a couple of months ago (43 days, but who is counting?) that we brought you not one but two awesome mix cds from bands that might be unknown, but golly gee willickers, they are good. Especially Wet Nuns (they bribed us).

So, another Superbowl as come and gone, and el Dia de la Candelaria has also come and gone. What to do?

Another mix cd, of course, made from tracks several bands we love kindly donated to us.

In the tradition of Eyeshield 21 (“Christmas boooooowl!) and in the spirit of being silly, we named this the Tamal Superbowl mix cd. A tamal is this wad of dough filled with either sweet or savoury stuff (best ones? mole tamales). They are the best way to warm yourself in winter and also the best way to get to ludicrous obese in less than two bites.

But something happened and now, our batch of freshly prepared Tamales mutated and tried to take over the world, Walking Dead style. So, besides a shit second season, what’s the best remedy? Well, bring out the heroes from our webcomic and fight these doughy zombies. With some cracking tunes, courtesy of (yes, we’re gonna make scroll/read a load of paragraphs)…

First of all, every single pro game needs a masterful commentator and who else but Adi Carter and his encyclopaedic knowledge of comics, Dr. Who and electronic music? He’s been remixing everything, including armed farmers (Wet Nuns) and their mothers. It sets the scene nicely. And it talks about nuclear wars (a staple fear in the 80s), which cranks up the flavour of the mix. Touchdown, mutants.

Oxo Foxo was featured on our previous mix (get it, it’s nice!) and we courteously were offered (through some blackmailing, Yoishi style!) this brand new, spiffy track called ‘Starfish’. You might know her from a distant past were talk was of utmost priority, but those days are gone and now it’s the power of loop pedals and dreamy vocals. Massive thanks to the kind people of G2 Studios for this one.

We’ve always geeked out about Cats:For:Peru and we probably just stop pretending we are a reviewing website and just dedicate full time to gush about them. We’ve interviewed them (twice for the podcast!) and reviewed their albums (first, EP) and gigs. We love this track, ‘Smile’, although it’s like a Pixar film: both lovely and depressing. We also have this suspicion that they are Sheffield‘s equivalent of The Breakfast Club (Judd Nelson on bass! Anthony Michael Hall on guitars and keys! Ally Sheedy on drums! Emilio Estevez on guitar! Molly Ringwald on keys!) and although they always seem to be under the radar, their shows always deliver. Go see them live. Track courtesy of the good people from Exposed Magazine (check ’em).

InFictions are an ace band doing Post Rock/Trip Hop and their long in gestation album will get a long in writing review next week. Their album drops in late February and we can’t wait to catch them live (they took one of us hostage, you see).  ‘Laughter track’ is a slow burn, like a Hail Mary ready to save the quarter.

The decisively Gothic Last Harbour are a band that has both substance and style, plus a big love to all physical media (seriously, their last album, Volo, came with a ouija!). With a brand new album recorded in a church (with all members strategically placed to disrupt the fabric of reality sound the best), let’s hope this band drops by Sheffield any time soon. We also should be pursuing them for a catch-up interview…

Here comes the Mexican wave! Let me introduce you to the maniacal, jazzy sounds of The Jonathan Arellano Project (which might or might not contain members of URSS Bajo el árbol and Los Impresionistas, who we had in a previous mix cd). This lil’ track, ‘El Loco’, goes for those death trips through a thousand speakeasies from Mexico City‘s darkest areas. A catrín might be drowning those fears in the sweet torment of alcohol. It’s not pain from brokenheart, but pain from an endless search for identity. “I don’t want to believe in yesterday / I want to find who I am“. We all do, cuate, we all do.

Representing the loud team, the two child prodigies from Drenge have reached the legal limit of alcohol (not that it stopped them before…) and offer a lo fi cocktail mix of ‘Blood and milk’ (which coincidentally is the name of their zine). Always a sure fire intense show, these survivors from the barren Blue John infested wastelands of Castleton are currently creating new jams and playing out a storm wherever (and whenever) they can.

We love Alcopop! Not the drink (well, we do – times are hard) and the devilishly charming people from the label have offered not one, but two bands offering some catchy music to get you going. Gunning for Tamar has that slight math rock sensibility well ingrained in the callouses of their doodling fingers. ‘Chocolate hooves’ might make you think of a summer long gone or the one just around the corner (fair enough, a couple of months), but that sound has to warm up your frozen heart.

Whatever warmth Gunning for Tamar brought, the ferocity of Jumping Ships‘ punk will kick a few sparks and probably spread the fire. We don’t condone fires but we do appreciate some upbeat, catchy punk rock that’s polished enough to let you catch your reflection, but still oblique enough to create a diffuse image. Glimmer and glint, for all those who drive into the horizon with their Members Only jacket on their shoulders.

Hey, more México for the connoisseur? How about some motherflippin’ post rock, right out of the oven? Sick Boy offer this track called ‘Melancholy’ and the staple sounds and rhythms of the genre are there to uplift you above the fields of cactus and succulents, far above the maniacal traffic gridlocks and into the chaos that is trying to get from one Metro line  to another during rush hour (God, I hate the Tacubaya station…)

Enough rock? Well, now it’s time for the calm, soothing folk section and we start with a right foot with Neil Cousin, whom we have endorsed before (really). ‘Oh for the spring’ is pure folk bliss and makes us pine for the fjords warm days of Spring. A good walk in the Peak District, a relaxing afternoon in the park reading your fave book (Bukowski‘s Pulp, please) and a return back home with the sun setting.

Slowly but surely, Young Astronaut relish on a slow, banjo-filled pace to produce some beautiful music. The slow build-up does deliver some interesting ideas later. Think of it as a walk turning into a jog. Then all of a sudden, you don’t miss anyone and you’re running as fast as you wanted, free of any trouble. Freedom through running, escape through exercise. What’s over that hill? You’ll find out.

The Wooden Birds! The warm sound of that loving music you heard at the family stereo in the living room when you were a kid, the memories of a thousand family reunions that felt like they lasted forever and ever, but now can’t forget about them as good memories. We love them greatly (review) and we also had the opportunity to chat with them (interview). Heck, we know Matt Pond is a genius (review) and we’ve got our eye on the harmonies produced by the talented Leslie Sisson. This track is a nice cover of Jackson Browne. 

Speaking of family reunions, Jess Morgan‘s ‘Pamela’ is a story about families. A storyteller from Norwich, Jess Morgan  has a sweet voice and a knack to make slightly unpleasant stories sound like a fairy tale. Seriously, ‘Pamela’ feels very Grimm Brothers. I’m scared. Somebody hold me or pray for salvation. On that note…

Hallelujah! I just found Jesus” proclaims the one, the only Mike Kinsella, aka Owen in this fantastic, heartwrenching song called ‘I believe’. A song that has led me to some very interesting conversations, a sweet tune to zone out to and sometimes, a song inviting you to overanalyse the lyrics. Let’s forget about that and just enjoy the song. Heck, enjoy Ghost Town, it’s one heckuva an album. We’d like to extend our eternal thanks to Polyvinyl Records for this one.

All good things come to an end and here we are, rocking you like a hurricane and letting all those feelings sink in slowly, like that flurry of light snow that makes people think the apocalypse is here. Fuck snowgeddon and go for a walk in the lovely wintery wonderland. Citizen Tank will provide the soothing, thoughtful sounds for your walk in the white fields where kids play and undergrads outdrink (and out-Jackass) each other.

Phew! For a minute there, I lost myself, I lost myself! That’s a lot of words, that’s a lot of bands and thankfully I left the American Football analogy out of the way rather quick. Thank Jebus for that, I’m terrible and I should be sacked from this place. Oh, here’s the link to download.


And remember, if you like any of the tracks, recommend the bands to your friends. Pass the tracks, become fans. They all donated these tracks, let’s pay them back in one way or another, preferably spreading their gospel.

Words: Sam the Spam.


Neil Cousin Bandcamp. Myspace. Soundcloud. Twitter. Facebook.

Cats:For:Peru  WebsiteFacebookMyspaceTwitterFree tracksSpotify.

The Wooden Birds WebsiteFacebookMyspaceLast.fmTwitter.

Oxo Foxo Facebook. Tumblr. Soundcloud. Twitter.

Sickboy Twitter. Bandcamp. Tumblr.

Jess Morgan Website. Soundcloud. Twitter. Facebook. Pledge.

Owen Facebook. Twitter. Myspace. Bandcamp.

Jonathan Arellano Project Soundcloud. Facebook. Twitter.

Last Harbour Website. Soundcloud. Myspace. Last.fm. Facebook. Spotify.

Drenge Facebook. Bandcamp. Soundcloud. Blog.

Adi Carter Blog. Flavors. Bandcamp. Soundcloud. Twitter. Facebook.

Citizen Tank Tumblr. Bandcamp. Facebook. Twitter.

Gunning for Tamar Website. Twitter. Facebook.

Jumping Ships Website. Twitter. Facebook. Soundcloud. Last.fm. Tumblr.

Young Astronaut Website. Soundcloud. Spotify. Twitter. Facebook. Vimeo.

InFictions Website. Facebook. Twitter. Last.fm. Soundcloud. Myspace. Bandcamp. Reverbnation. Youtube.

And if you made it this far, this is our 1000th post. YAY!

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  1. Hello there! I could have sworn I’ve been to this blog before but after browsing through some of the post I realized it’s new to me.
    Anyways, I’m definitely delighted I found it and I’ll be bookmarking and checking back frequently!

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