Wake up to Wet Nuns’ Throttle

Whoaaaa! Hope you had some breakfast before watching this one. If not, sorry, partner, a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do. Oh, this is NSFW, by the way. You’ve been warned.

Unless you work at an abattoir, plan to take on Jigsaw‘s legacy or are a doctor in training. If so, this is sorta your every day thing.

Them two good ol’ boys, Wet Nuns, will be releasing a brand new, spiffy (and spliffy) rocking track this 5th of march at their website. The track in question is ‘Throttle’, which already has hit it big with Christian associations, Eli Roth haters and the nuns at my Catholic school back in Mexico.

You want more info about them? Well, it’s a known fact they have invented a sport (proof!) and they cite Enya and Kelly “totoooing!” Clarkson as influences (proof part deux!). So, watch it!

Wet Nuns WebsiteBlawg BlogTwitterSoundcloudFacebookNuthin’.


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