Your Detestival Guide…


Ahoy there! Well, it’s now upon us and we’ve compiled a lil’ audiovisual compilation for you.

It kicks off Friday at Great Gatsby’s, with a free show called DetestEveal:

  • Radical Boy
  • The Wytches


The festival kicks off and it requires your early presence. The acts are:

  • 15:00  Blood Sport
  • 16:00 Black Moth
  • 17:00 Dry Heaves
  • 18:00 Throne
  • 19:00 Hookworms
  • 20:00 Bo Ningen
  • 21:00 Wet Nuns
  • 22:00 Wolf People

There’s an aftershow at Great Gatsby’s (on Division Street) until 3 AM. DJ duties will be courtesy of Bobby Lee and Wolf People.


This day requires your early presence. Be sure to sort the hangover before (or do the ol’ hair of the dog technique).

  • 16:00 Temple of Coke
  • 17:00 Salem Rages
  • 18:00 John J. Presley
  • 19:00 Kult Country
  • 20:00 Temples
  • 21:00 Toy
  • 22:00 Hawk eyes

The aftershow at Great Gatsby‘s on Sunday also runs until 3 AM. DJ duties will be courtesy of Wet Nuns and Daz. If Jesus wasn’t busy resurrecting, He’d be here!

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