30 Days, 30 Bands – #24 Blood Sport

When you and your mates at Uni start a band, which genre do you attach yourself to, like a lamprey holding for dear life? In a city renowned for quiffs and indie rockers, the possibility of becoming just another Wilkinson-brand #epicbantzsquad is a looming threat. I’m not quite sure how Blood Sport landed face first into the aggrobeat genre, but the loud thud still resonates. Maybe it … Continue reading 30 Days, 30 Bands – #24 Blood Sport

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Interview – Blood Sport

The fine people of Tentacle Entertainments left a trail of jelly donuts at Power Lunches and managed to snag Blood Sport in all their crazy shape (amorphous as it is.) Cool, uh? We’ve previously covered Blood Sport and if you haven’t realised how much, here’s a shitload of links. Ep reviews: ø Tye Die Tape Recordings Journal no. 4 Life in Units Live reviews: Detestival … Continue reading Interview – Blood Sport

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Review: Detestival


Wet Nuns have done The Great March from being in “Man and his dog (and a bowl of jambalaya)” gig to the big ones, like SXSW. Now they are armed with enough dark mana to organise their own festival, which, in tradition of their penchant for puns, is called Detestival.

Fuelled by the righteous rum Kraken and with not a single bag of Bombay Mix on sight, two days of music (gently kickstarted by a free gig on Friday night) ensued in that good ol’ place, Queens Social Club.

Continue reading “Review: Detestival”

EP Round Up : Hearse Pileup, Tetsuo, Penny Licks, Young Peculiar, Red Measure, Blood Sport


Heeeeeeeeeeey, it’s been a long time since we’ve done one of these. I blame Duncan Sheik‘s nifty new musical, a love story set in Edwardian Times. About fucking time somebody wrote about that massively underrepresented era.

Whoa! Sorry, I go on tangents. WELCOME to our lovely EP round up, I’m your very entertaining (and slightly wacky) host, Orestes P. Xistos, climbing the pecking order in this shithole of a website (TM) one brown nose at a time.

In our usual analogy form, we will be comparing each of these EPs to each Female Titan from Greek mythology. Why six female Titans? Because we are trying to atone for what basically constitutes a Patriarchy (i.e. this site’s owners are chauvinistic omnivores). DOWN WITH THIS PHALLOCRACY!

Ahem, sorry, for a minute there, I lost myself, I lost myself. EPs, right? Continue reading “EP Round Up : Hearse Pileup, Tetsuo, Penny Licks, Young Peculiar, Red Measure, Blood Sport”

Countdown to Detestival


We are quite excited about Detestival, the festival curated by Wet Nuns! Taking place in Queens Social Road on March 30 & 31 (Easter, amen!), the line-up is a quite impressive one.

The bands, handpicked by Wet Nuns are: Wolf People, Toy, Hawk Eyes, Bo Ningen, Wet Nuns, Temples, Hookworms, Black Moth, Throng, Kult Country, John J Presley, Salem Rages, Blood Sport, Temple of Coke, Dry Heaves and Flaming Skulls.

We’ll be doing another preview the week before the event, for now we’ve got: Continue reading “Countdown to Detestival”

(Re)Mixed in Sheffield 3 : Crossing the line – Launch Party

“Sometimes, bands expect that a ‘remix’ should be just a ‘reproduce my song’ sort of thing. I usually take everything out, except the voice and then have fun with it”- Adi Carter.  Continue reading “(Re)Mixed in Sheffield 3 : Crossing the line – Launch Party”

Peace in the Park 2012

EDIT: There was a spot of a misunderstanding. “Shithole of a site” refers to Sloucher, not the festival.

“Why the fuck would I want to go to Peace in the Park, panzón? No Renegade Brass Band and no Screaming Maldini equals no mojo and no Orestes, geddit?”

A solo review, then. For all the haranguing that one does in life, it seems that when things go your way, the results vary from what you expected. Aye, fortune cookies are getting weirder.

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