Announcement: ArcTanGent’s final line-up

Whoa, what? ArcTanGent! It’s a festival that’s been meteorically rising, but instead of shattering like a cookie once it reaches the atmosphere, it’s been gathering strength and growing stronger. Tell me more. A final addition to the line up has been announced (hence this post, my imaginary friend.) New bands added are Cult of Luna, CHON, LITE, pg.lost, Toundra, Young Legionnaires & PSOTY. Cult of … Continue reading Announcement: ArcTanGent’s final line-up

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Lollygagging in Sheffield – November gig list

It’s been a while since we’ve done one of these – a combination of stress, fatigue and general lack of zest were some of the causes. Also, not being in Sheffield now, it’s hard to be “in the know”, even if well-meaning insiders are kind enough to send us their stuff. This one is for you. This also is dedicated to the people of Screaming … Continue reading Lollygagging in Sheffield – November gig list

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'Sup, humans?

Sloucher’s Bridge Burnin’ Tramlines 2014 guide.


Just because I was kicked out left Sheffield, doesn’t mean we won’t do a preview for ya. We know it’s a very busy weekend, this whole Tramlines thing, so we’ve done a lil’ list of bands we really suggest you check.

Like last year, we’ve compiled a nifty PDF file you can print with our recommendations. Print it double sided, fold it and Bob’s your uncle No, really, we did the DNA test – don’t you believe our DNA testing methods? Philistine!

Hi, I am a free PDF guide. >CLICK ME<!

Can’t be arsed to move around and want to stay #safe in one location? We got your back with these suggestions for full days*:

Continue reading “Sloucher’s Bridge Burnin’ Tramlines 2014 guide.”

Preview : Strangeforms


The fine people of Bad Owl (purveyors of great live music) have cool lil’ festival for you people bored of Easter Biblical films. StrangeThis very weekend, 19th and 20th of April, at the Wharf Chambers in Leeds, you’ll get a veritable cornucopia of bands, all for the grand total of 9 quid per day (or 15 for the whole weekend, so you know you need to go both days). Continue reading “Preview : Strangeforms”

Preview: Kyle Bobby Dunn and the Infinite Sadness.

We’ve enjoyed the slow rising soundscapes that Kyle Bobby Dunn creates. In fact, we enjoyed them so much that one of his albums got a strange, confusing short story in lieu of a review. But enough about our journalistic shortcomings and let’s talk about this new double album (or triple vinyl), called Kyle Bobby Dunn and the Infinite Sadness. The mammoth sized release is out … Continue reading Preview: Kyle Bobby Dunn and the Infinite Sadness.

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Preview : Low @ Queens Social Club

I think it’s not a secret that many in the editorial staff (ok, me) love Low (and Retribution Gospel Choir) so it’s always good news to see the band stop by in Sheffield. They always create this sempiternal bliss with their live shows. Low will be playing on Saturday 16th at Queens Social Club, that chamber-like speakeasy that has been the venue for some pretty … Continue reading Preview : Low @ Queens Social Club

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