Countdown to Detestival


We are quite excited about Detestival, the festival curated by Wet Nuns! Taking place in Queens Social Road on March 30 & 31 (Easter, amen!), the line-up is a quite impressive one.

The bands, handpicked by Wet Nuns are: Wolf People, Toy, Hawk Eyes, Bo Ningen, Wet Nuns, Temples, Hookworms, Black Moth, Throng, Kult Country, John J Presley, Salem Rages, Blood Sport, Temple of Coke, Dry Heaves and Flaming Skulls.

We’ll be doing another preview the week before the event, for now we’ve got: Continue reading “Countdown to Detestival”

Interview – Hawk Eyes

A long while ago, there was this band called Chickenhawk that made ace music. Then it changed name, designated themselves Hawk Eyes and continued to do ace music. Then they released an EP called Mindhammers. Twas good. Less than 6 months later, they deploy a tactical nuclear riffage called Ideas , which still gets regularly played here at the office (i.e. a basement in México with a branch in Sheffield).

We managed to get Rob (sweet riffs, guitar) for a quick Q & A by email:  Continue reading “Interview – Hawk Eyes”