Singles Review: Owen, Hey Sholay, Wampire, Black Moth, Witch Hunt, Olof Arnalds, Wax Fang, The Crimea

Greetings, readers who appreciated the nods to the classic G.I. Joe* cartoon in G.I. Joe Retaliation!  Welcome to another edition of our “reviewing releases late again” single reviews column.

In honour to our recent re-obsession with Sigur Ros( ), we are nicknaming our reviewers after each track. If this doesn’t make sense, then you xylo no fi lo, you so, so no filo.

Ah, singles, right:

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Review: Detestival


Wet Nuns have done The Great March from being in “Man and his dog (and a bowl of jambalaya)” gig to the big ones, like SXSW. Now they are armed with enough dark mana to organise their own festival, which, in tradition of their penchant for puns, is called Detestival.

Fuelled by the righteous rum Kraken and with not a single bag of Bombay Mix on sight, two days of music (gently kickstarted by a free gig on Friday night) ensued in that good ol’ place, Queens Social Club.

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Countdown to Detestival


We are quite excited about Detestival, the festival curated by Wet Nuns! Taking place in Queens Social Road on March 30 & 31 (Easter, amen!), the line-up is a quite impressive one.

The bands, handpicked by Wet Nuns are: Wolf People, Toy, Hawk Eyes, Bo Ningen, Wet Nuns, Temples, Hookworms, Black Moth, Throng, Kult Country, John J Presley, Salem Rages, Blood Sport, Temple of Coke, Dry Heaves and Flaming Skulls.

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Wake up to Black Moth

A couple of months ago, on a very crucial day for this site (allegedly), we reviewed a superb compilation of heavy rock called New Heavy Sounds Volume 2. Amongst some of the brutally rocking bands, there was one called Black Moth  (which somehow didn’t get mentioned in the review, so I’ll fire myself). Anyways, the good people of Black Moth have their very own debút album coming out … Continue reading Wake up to Black Moth

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