Singles: Violet May and The Monicans

A couple of songs doing the rounds here at the site…

The Monicans – My Love

Without pulling any punches, My Love, starts fast, meanders slightly but then decides to go for a rocking finale. Seriously, that last moment begs for a few jumps during a live show or at least a spot of headbobbing.

The Monicans – Into The Rows

The second half of the double A-side released by The Monicans starts with a constant, cheeky drumming and a nesh guitar figure that irrevocably goes into the dark zones of reverb. Pretty classy single, sounding a bit familiar, but impossible to say from where and when. More the power to its trippiness then.

Violet May – Bright or better

Nifty, fast and effective. The continuous bass line is great too.  The track mixes some of that disco rock (hi hat attack!) with a cool guitar tone and a somewhat 80’s synth from time to time. The voice is a bit buried but guess it’s what the band was aiming for and can’t say anything bad about that cool solo at the end. Check the video but be warned, it’s NSFW (link)

Violet MayThis crowd is overcrowded

A pretty aggressive song (nowt wrong with that) which might feel a tad on the repetitive side (hence being the b-side to Bright or better) but making up that with a gloomy guitar lick that adds to the atmosphere. The mid-section is pretty cool, though. Video of a live version (link)


The Monicans

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Violet May

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