Review – Mabel Love @ Queens Social Club

Mabel Love (support from The Monicans and Silents) , Queen’s Social Club

Yeah we were there… on our way to the Queen’s Social Club, walking under the dark cold ‘n’ rainy evening Saturday in Sheffield (sounds familiar?). So there were we, outside a big abandoned warehouse listening to a band in process of creating something similar to music, but not quite… so we clearly understood that those were not The Monicans (we were expecting to listen to that nice bassline of ‘Horizon’).

Well finally we realised that old fashioned Queens Social was not a warehouse and we rush to the Horizon, and just on time we arrive to listen to that expected intro bassline. The place was crowded, around 300 people maybe, and by the time we were there, the windows were already cover in the exhaled H2O from the agitated crowd rocking to the hypnotic/psychedelic sound of ‘Into the rows’ and ‘A beacon’.

The audience was quite a funny mixture of fans of the bands and their parents. Maybe the old fashioned place make them a bit nostalgic, well our old chaps know also how to nod their heads to the sound of my love. The Monicans really rocked the place, we don’t care if they said that they don’t want to rock.

After some minutes that we used to recover our breaths, these four indie guys everyone was craving to see took the stage. We started listening to that distorted guitar from ‘Socks’ echoing in our inner depths just to let us know that Mabel Love was in the house with that great presence of their distorted/disturbed guitars.

Dark voices whispering on the back of our ears garnished by non-troubled riffs played on that black tele announced that they were braking it all… and the crowd went mental!!! (which was not entirely true but would’ve been if their parents hadn’t have been there).

Different forms to amuse the crowd, yes Mabel had the way of showing who were the headliners of the night. The splendid serenade was crowned by this fine taste of making fun of the crowd… and “ha ha people” they said with a sarcastic tone.

Finally, after having a great gig with the two (Editor’s note: actually three. There was a third band called Silents but our reviewer didn’t manage to get there. Apologies to the band) bands we left the place. Just on time to realise that the guys from The Violet May were enjoying the music from their mates. Fortunately for us we left on time and with our heads intact…

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Words & Photos: Javier.


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Mabel Love Myspace. Website. Facebook. Twitter. Youtube.

4 thoughts on “Review – Mabel Love @ Queens Social Club

  1. This review is bullshit, if you had realised there were three bands playing this night and you didn’t even care to mention them all, the first band Silents don’t even come into the equation within this review, and you also state “after having a great gig with the two bands we left the place”, You can hardly call this a gig review when you don’t even review the entire gig.

    Silents are an amazing band and played brilliantly on the night and you totally neglected them from within this review, have another look at your ticket stub, there’s 3 bands, not just 2. You may have missed them live, but at least give them the courtesy of recognition.

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