Preview – 2 sloucher gigs for y’all

Hi! Well, long time coming and finally it’s happening! The first two gigs, one celebrating the fact that we enjoy music a lot and the second one, well, consider it the non-birthday one. First, we cordially invite you to come to The Washington pub on Wednesday April 13th and enjoy the talents of Goodbye Good, Firesuite and The Unfortunate Incident, playing their lovely music, … Continue reading Preview – 2 sloucher gigs for y’all

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Panoramic Musical Power

Live Review: Esben and the Witch supported by Trophy Wife, & Fixers @ The Harley, 07.02.11

There’s been a bit of a buzz going ‘round about Esben and the Witch and the somewhat unearthly sonic landscaping of their debut album Violet Cries (review here). Related links have been flying to and fro across the office computers for a while now so you can imagine our collective excitement at being able to witness the band’s live show first-hand….

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Preview – XRAY 10

The latest edition of X Ray Horse Music will be this Friday 10th of December at The Harley (home of good gin and killer strawberry cider) with some cool bands to check out.

In preparation of this event, here’s a few samples of stuff you will hear this Friday (after paying the door tax of 5 pounds, 4 for early birds or 3 if you have a NUS card). In alphabetical order, you get:

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Xrayhorse 9 – Buffalo Bones, Wot Gorilla?, Death Rays and Dead Sons

Buffalo Bones, Wot Gorilla?, Death Rays and Dead Sons @ The Harley

Opening duties was by Buffalo Bones, from Leeds. Starting with some mild  blues rock which progressively got more and more interesting (and, yeah, heavier), they went for some grunge stuff. The very tribal ‘Strangest of feelings’ (all about that creepy intro and wicked bass-love this one) and ‘Silence is golden’ were cool ditties. They closed the proggy-lite ‘Left before I arrived’, a prime cut saved for the last. Top choice.

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The Harley Four

Yonderboy + Hey Sholay + Alvarez Kings + Bromheads @ The Harley, August 28th, 2010

A four band show was done by Xray Horse Music on saturday the 28th at The Harley (now with more gin), under the consolidating flag of good tunes for a big audience that pretty much packed the place.

So much for a quiet bank holiday.

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Unprofessional behaviour gets you to Bristol for free

Note: The following excuse of  a review covers the  Children for Breakfast show at the Harley where the following bands played: Killing Fields of Ontario, No Kids, Mount Eerie. This is a verbatim transcription of a text conversation between the reviewer and his co-editor. Both will be fired shortly if they don’t change their behaviour. Apologies to bands and organisers. The show was good, it’s our reviewers who are shit.


The Management.

From the desk of Quintana “Quinto” Haberno:

Coeditor supremo diary, Sunday 4th of April: I woke up in a strange place (Bristol). I was in Sheffield last night. How I ended up here? Why do I have a red sweater that smells of elderberries? And why is my mobile’s screen smashed up to bits? All good questions and because of a court injunction I can’t disclose all of them…still. I get into an internet café and I get in contact with a fella I write with.

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