The Harley Four

Yonderboy + Hey Sholay + Alvarez Kings + Bromheads @ The Harley, August 28th, 2010

A four band show was done by Xray Horse Music on saturday the 28th at The Harley (now with more gin), under the consolidating flag of good tunes for a big audience that pretty much packed the place.

So much for a quiet bank holiday.

First band to take the mutchkin-sized stage was Leeds-own Yonderboy, playing rock in pop’s skin. A short but sweet set which started with two good songs (‘Too easy’, ‘Darl’), with some new stuff being played too during the middle of the set. Add a great set closer with the rambling ‘Dark Circle, Diamond eyes’ (do check their Myspace, it’s on the links section below this review) and you’ve got a good aperitif.

Hey Sholay then took over the entertaining duties and they just let it all out with their energetic music. Songs like ‘Devil at your back door’ and ‘Dreamboat’ are elevated through the air with the constant drumming that never lets up. There’s some pretty cool pose striking and energetic dance moves from Liam (voice), who shakes like a repossessed victim who didn’t pony up to Old Scratch.

As a massive effect-pedal junkie, gotta mention that Laurie’s (guitar) is pretty well armed, and the toys were used to their full extent. God knows what he was doing to his whammy pedal settings during ‘Bearsuit’ or why he has a telephone speaker in it. Maybe it has to do with their alleged circuit bending practices?

A little calmer (but still dancey) but not the mellower were Alvarez Kings, who played their set with their own brand of disco rock. A particularly interesting song was ‘You me them us’, which sports an energetic, catchy chorus. Can’t say much about the rest of the songs, some where pretty good, others didn’t work that well for me, but nonetheless, it’s a band with a good stage presence. All clamouring for ‘The Sequel’ (the favourite of a few vocal fans near the front) was drenched completely by the end of the set.

Ah, Bromheads. A duo that always puts a great live show and the night was no exception. The songs they have been giving away for the past eleven months are great live, sometimes getting a little reworking from the recorded versions (‘Hole in your head’, ‘Boots’), adding an extra kick of energy to their already vivacious sound.

The more I listen to ‘Poppy bird’, the more I become a fan of it. One of the surviving songs from their previous incarnation, it’s evolved a little and there’s something about a song that you connected to before evolving and your preference for it not changing.

Just one drum and one guitar (with some interesting effects) is what Bromheads needed to close the already great night. No encores but it was a great night overall.



About the author: He would like to thank Edward “Hardest working musician in the North of England” Forth for the Yonderboy setlist. And also accepts that it’s not pronounced “hey, cholo hey!”.



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