Preview – XRAY 10

The latest edition of X Ray Horse Music will be this Friday 10th of December at The Harley (home of good gin and killer strawberry cider) with some cool bands to check out.

In preparation of this event, here’s a few samples of stuff you will hear this Friday (after paying the door tax of 5 pounds, 4 for early birds or 3 if you have a NUS card). In alphabetical order, you get:

Black Cat White Cat

A band with some seedy music that’s been doing some racket since Tramlines. Recently seen in The Washington peddling their music and generally tripping the psychedlic light fantastic. Sometimes without shoes.

Myspace. Reverbnation.

Civic Civil

A bunch of noise makers that would rather let their music do all definition and genre assigning. Keyboard and distortion will be required.

Myspace. Facebook. Blog. Spotify.

Electric Tape Recorder

Sheffield based duo with a lo-fi approach to music and some very imaginative lyrics that range about getting locked away (and the key getting thrown away) and nightmarish scenarios (arguably). Quoting one of my colleagues : “A stark, constant drumming paired with a chunky guitar playing proper psychedelic riffs and topped with a vocal delivery that sounds like a frightened soul ready for departure to the next plane of existence.”

(if you like this song, you can get it free from our mix cd!)

Myspace. Facebook.

Swanton Bombs

Hailing from Essex and doing the garage rock, they’ll be ready to rock out in Sheffield with their “keep it simple, keep it distorted” attitude. Check out their videos too!

Myspace. Blog. Facebook.

And, of course, after the bands are done, there will be some DJing from Matt Von Band and the resident Xray Residents. No word yet on petitions but their choices are usually quite good. So be there from 8 PM. It’s better than watching X-Factor or catching up with Hollyoaks!

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