Preview – 2 sloucher gigs for y’all


Well, long time coming and finally it’s happening! The first two gigs, one celebrating the fact that we enjoy music a lot and the second one, well, consider it the non-birthday one.

First, we cordially invite you to come to The Washington pub on Wednesday April 13th and enjoy the talents of Goodbye Good, Firesuite and The Unfortunate Incident, playing their lovely music, completely free of charge.

You can RSVP here.

Here’s some samples of their music:

Goodbye Good – Success

Firesuite – Amity

The Unfortunate Incident – Fire

Then, on May 17th, we will be having the non-anniversary party at The Harley (it’s all about the gin), with The Unfortunate Incident (again, they are blackmailing us!), The Hope Explosion (back from recording fresh noisy grooves) and Love at Death Beach (gearing for a new release). Join us for a paltry 4 quid at the door, or 3 quid if you’re either a fan in Facebook of, any of the previously mentioned bands (see the links section) or are a member of University of Sheffield’s Mexican and Latin American Society.

There will be printed copies of our first (and possibly last ever) zine, badges (fingers crossed), merch (see before). Bands will also be peddling their stuff. You can also meet our mascots in person (not necessarily a good thing, though).

RSVP here

Here’s some samples of their music:

Love at Death Beach – Household Necromancy

The Hope Explosion – Bored & Brokenhearted

The Unfortunate Incident – The Unfortunate Incident

See you then!


Goodbye Good

Myspace. Facebook.


Myspace Facebook

The Unfortunate Incident

Facebook. Myspace.

The Hope Explosion

Facebook. Myspace.

Love at Death Beach

Facebook. Myspace.

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