Gig previews!

Busy week this one!

Wednesday 11 of May: Death by Lilo/ Dead Sea Apes / Don’t sleep dream / Marc Miranda Kitchen Band @ The Washington (free)

Death by Lilo (Myspace). Dead Sea Apes (Bandcamp). Don’t sleep dream (Bandcamp). Marc Miranda Kitchen Band (Website).


Thursday 12 of May: Club obLONG – May edition. With Mike Hughes, obLONG and Das Chip Shop @ The Washington (free and it included a badge)

Mike Hughes (Myspace). obLONG (Myspace). Das Chip Shop (Myspace).


Friday 13 of May: Drenge and Black Cat White Cat @ The Lescar. (Free)

Drenge (Myspace). Black Cat White Cat (Myspace).


Saturday 14 of May: XRay 5 band special with Dan Williamson, Jack and the Beanstalks, Masters in France, Whispering Dolls and Elephant Keys. @ The Harley (4 quid)

Dan Williamson (Free album). Jack and the Beanstalks (Bandcamp). Masters in France (Myspace). Whispering Dolls (Facebook). Elephant Keys (Myspace).


Also, well, we have a week on the 17th (Tuesday!) and we will have The Unfortunate Incident, The Hope Explosion and Love at Death Beach. (3 quid / 4 quid). Come ’round because we’re not having a 2nd anniversary party and we sincerely suck at event organising so this will be the last time we make a gig.

The Unfortunate Incident (Myspace). The Hope Explosion (Myspace). Love at Death Beach (Bandcamp).


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