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Cobra-fist + Gallops @ The Harley

How do you cap off a great weekend? Easy, with two bands that enjoy messing with your ears.

A crowd that felt like it was equal parts photographers (both pros and amateurs)  formed a little circle (ok, 3/4 of it) around the stage at The Harley. Two tiny dudes dressed as ninjas (one yellow, the other orange) and another fella in the drums was all that Cobra Fist needed to do some righteous noise.

It’s hard, very hard to describe their music. It’s noisy and chaotic, but there is an order to the whole paranoid ramblings that come out of their instruments. Starting with ‘Cobra vs. Shark’, a song that just builds and builds (cool voice sample too), the band was just laying down the rules of engagement.

Their set was only six songs, but they were quite long in nature (except ‘Cobra vs. Man’, the punkish one of the set), so it was quite a marathon for the trio and can’t blame them for taking off their masks mid set. ‘Cobra vs Heart’ was the closer and it was a classy one to go out with.

Gallops followed and the circle became a line to the front. The usual shyness that I observe with the regular British music public is gone this time. Everyone (especially the line of photographers, some with some crazy cool gizmos) wanted to be there, near to these talented musicians. Although way less chaotic than Cobra Fist, they displayed a lot of prowess and their breakneck speed was amazing.

Not that there was any doubt about them doing one heckuva show. After a shockingly great self title EP released last year, Gallops know their strengths and relish (indulge?) in them, with a good reputation of great live shows under their belts. The new songs, ‘Joust’ and ‘Eukodol’ are powerful, sometimes a bit proggy, most of the times very math rock and all of the times catchy.

There were a couple of songs I didn’t recognise (too mesmerised by the sheer energy and panache the band has) but I’m pretty sure (80%) they played ‘Miami Spider’ and almost certain (98%) they didn’t play ‘Oh the manatee’. But they certainly gave an amazing tour-de-force in powerful music.

A perfect pairing of bands, both by their talent and by their energetic shows.



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