The Friends of Batman – Pain EP

“Do you wanna get nuts? C’MON, LET’S GET NUTS.” – Michael Keaton, Batman 1989. A few days from Autumn and the ankle is acting up again. They say all your pains grow exponentially once yours 30s are finished and perhaps that old nugget is true. The bar lights are dimming, the floorboards are sticky like treacle with the bloodied remains of Stellas and Kronenbourgs, the … Continue reading The Friends of Batman – Pain EP

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Review: New Ghost – Burning Out EP

Remember The Fifth Element?If your memories are sketchy, there’s a sequence where Gary Oldman reasons that chaos and destruction are what fuel creation and prosperity. It’s a strange sequence that defines his character and manages to let the actor portray a pompous arms dealer whose ego seals his fate. He was right, though. Destruction does fuel creation and after the dissolution of Firesuite, a Sheffield … Continue reading Review: New Ghost – Burning Out EP

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Review: The Life and Times – Doppelgängers EP

It’s a low-lit bar. The band takes the scene, as the uninterested saps and boozehounds keep hammerin’ down national beer and watered-down bourbon. The three bearded gents tune the instruments, check the cabling, and do a mic check. Nobody cares. It’s a non-smoking dive bar which saw its best days in the seventies, peaking the week before the oil crisis. Still, tar and nicotine still … Continue reading Review: The Life and Times – Doppelgängers EP

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EP REVIEW: Mononoké – Tom Finigan

What’s in a name? Well, this York trio have certainly picked a good one, naming themselves after the Studio Ghibli masterpiece ‘Princess Mononoke’. Furthermore, one of the film’s central characters – the ‘Forest Spirit’ – is represented on the arresting cover of their debut EP, Tom Finigan, with a pair of large antlers protruding from the head of an owl. Continue reading “EP REVIEW: Mononoké – Tom Finigan”

Pinguinö – Fases

Sitting somewhere between the Courteeners’ rhythmic guitars, Jamiroquai’s funk soul spirit and The Sounds’ blur of angsty, Scandinavian indie pop, opening track and EP moniker ‘Fases’ is a squelching, sporadic, jazz inspired slice of percussion with a retro 80’s arcade game sound. ‘Es Tu Voz’ is a mix of 80’s Hall and Oates West coast funk mixed with German Kraftwerk styled minimalist electro! All smooth … Continue reading Pinguinö – Fases

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