Review: New Ghost – Burning Out EP

Remember The Fifth Element?If your memories are sketchy, there’s a sequence where Gary Oldman reasons that chaos and destruction are what fuel creation and prosperity. It’s a strange sequence that defines his character and manages to let the actor portray a pompous arms dealer whose ego seals his fate.

He was right, though. Destruction does fuel creation and after the dissolution of Firesuite, a Sheffield band that weaved beautiful Post Rock and Shoegaze, a new band emerged. Composed from the fragments of many bands that had their time on the spotlight, New Ghost takes a cue from Thrice‘s Water EP, mixing electronica beats with a dreamy atmosphere thick with emotional punches. ‘Burning Out’ echoes through wet streets of a once proud industrial town, as mercurial disembodied voices chase sparse guitars through the night.

‘Sleepwalkers 1 & 2’ should be New Ghost‘s calling card as a fledgling voice in the music scene. A slow pulse builds up as ebows wail and whine during part 1 of the track, which goes silent once the piano part, solemn and proud, enters. Think of a walk during a dark night in a park as wide as Meersbrook park. The piano would be the full moon piercing through the rain clouds -it’s England, you see- which fades away as the rain comes back, louder, faster. The ebows increase, the guitar pick attack follow and the rhythm picks. The night will end up with yourself arriving home, drenched, parched, and with a bit of the sniffles happening, but you will know the beauty of being alive, of finding some solace in the cold rains that drown us from time to time.

And now, ‘Hours’. The brand new single combines the vocal skills of Christopher Anderson and Aerogramme’s Craig B. Like ‘Sleepwalkers 1 & 2’, the song changes moods, like the ever-changing landscapes of driving in the northwest of England. Cliffs, lakes, deep forests and the ocassional ray of light. It’s a moving track, both figuratively and literally. Will an album happen soon? Let’s hope yes, as these three morsels are not enough to calm down a hunger that increases as you listen to them again and again.

Words: Sam J. Valdés López

New Ghost Bandcamp. Twitter. Facebook.

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