Pinguinö – Fases

Sitting somewhere between the Courteeners’ rhythmic guitars, Jamiroquai’s funk soul spirit and The Sounds’ blur of angsty, Scandinavian indie pop, opening track and EP moniker ‘Fases’ is a squelching, sporadic, jazz inspired slice of percussion with a retro 80’s arcade game sound.

‘Es Tu Voz’ is a mix of 80’s Hall and Oates West coast funk mixed with German Kraftwerk styled minimalist electro! All smooth chord progression and chilled out ambience. Essentially this is PinguinÖ doing their best Royksopp and Apparat Organ Quartet impression, at their most funky. Surprisingly enjoyable and cerebral, imagine a Gentleman’s club in Tron, and you’re halfway there.

‘Dancer’ follows on from the influence of Apparat Organ Quartet, mixing psychedelia fused wailing guitar, ravenous percussion and throbbing bass, with subtle glitch-tronica and talk box vocals adding a vocal element to an almost totally instrumental E.P.

An interesting if not extraordinary E.P, Fases is a piece at times fighting with itself for space, hinting at a band full of ideas. Sadly, these ideas appear to be painted in broad strokes, struggling to have equal weight, and at times layer over each other, occasionally becoming just a little too messy. It’s just a shame there are no vocals that could match the musical madness.

Words: Fuzz Caminski.

PinguinÖ Bandcamp.

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