Hot Beat Repeat – Hot Beat Repeat

Quirky and easy going. That’s the two adjectives that jump and cling on after listening to this short and sweet EP (interesting cover too) by Hot Beat Repeat. This duo fromManchestergoes for the playful start with ‘Easy it up’, a simple & effective opener that’s dancier than anything else. Feel the toes warming up?

Good, because for all the pop excesses of the first track, ‘Watching’ makes up for it in strides, with a rockier beat and the bass that would not slow down from 50 mph (except for that intermezzo). Slightly 80s for moments (somehow, the outro makes me have flashbacks of coin-up arcades), it’s the best one of the trio.

Which shouldn’t be taken as a dismissal for ‘Ego’, where neither “rock” nor “pop” apply. This is more of an experimental track, mixing a playful combination of notes and a dreamier approach to vocal delivery. Taking the strongest elements of Hot Beat Repeat, the track is actually the revelation here. Sure, I mentioned that ‘Watching’ is the best of the trio, but ‘Ego’ feels like the band’s musically strongest moment. Actually, fuck ‘Watching’, this is the best one of the three. No hard feelings, ‘Watching’, I still enjoy you, but you’re now my Saturday mistress.

Two strong tracks, one okay. Let’s keep an eye on this one.

Words: Sam Valdes Lopez.

Hot Beat Repeat Bandcamp. Website. Facebook. Twitter.

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