Tatterattles – EP

This is probably the second time in less than a week that I’ll do a comparison with another band (a cardinal sin in my book, I loathe comparing bands) but what really struck me when I listened to Tatterattles for the first time was that same unnamed feeling I got when I heard Grandaddy’s Sumday. 

This release is called EP, a collection of 5 songs that feel downbeat, but not overbearingly so, if that makes sense. They are warm and something in the vocal delivery makes it feel like there is some acceptance in this depression, a statement that hollers and hoots, humming thoroughly. It’s okay to be down in the dumps. It’s raining and then it will be sunshine. It’s a natural cycle.

‘Alas, Alack’ might be the loudest track here (and that’s an exaggeration from me). The hypnotic fingerpicking (almost like a banjo roll) paired with Ben‘s vocal and the odd electronic sounds make it a heckuva opener. Really enjoy the intimate feeling that the fingerpicking gives to short but sweet ‘Handmedowns’, a track that feels like it could come out from a wax cylinder.

The chord-heavy, strummy ‘Dead Letters’ again yields to those grey-shaded feelings. Finding an old letter, having a momentary flashback to happier times, hell, finding something insignificant (like a hairpin) and that surge of feelings, that’s what ‘Dead Letters’ feels like.

Misery loves company and the lovely voice of Craven Canary holds our hand in the slightly creepy (but still lovely) ‘Learning how to fly’. Just careful with that first step, it’s a fly or crash situation.

Let’s say you managed to soar and fly. The flight will be a short one, the descent starts and the roar of the wind in your ears is distorting the sounds. ‘Too soon’… just when you were having fun, the ride is about to finish and you must come down to Earth. Will it be a good landing or something that would make Launchpad McQuack proud? You decide.

Words: Sam

Tatterattles Bandcamp. Facebook.

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