Mooi – Mooi EP

Mooi. Photo: Yazmin Huerta

A Mexican woman that sold fruit…no, wait, that’s ‘A la víbora de la mar’! Mooi is an interesting musical project from México, and she’s released her self-titled EP, Mooi.

Composed of four tracks (all named after fruits), the mood is dream like, with the glockenspiel notes of ‘Watermelon’ inviting you to dream of days long gone, when you were a child playing in the local mercado. The memories turn vivid, almost like a surreal lucid dream in the gorgeous, atmospheric ‘cherry’. Tales of ice cream (yum!) during the minimalistic, ambient beginning turn into a clockwork series of bleeps and blops that march like a wind-up toy.

It might seem that the album is sickly sweet, but there are darker moments. Unwanted thoughts and bad memories resurface, like a piece of cork left in the sea. ‘Plum’ is that flotsam and jetsam and memories and it feels the poor protagonist of this piece is losing her mind, with just the fading swelling synths waving goodbye.

‘Apple’. Hey, we told you about this one the other day, didn’t we? Oh, well, ‘Apple’ is the first single and it made me think of a less darker version of the soundtrack for American McGee’s Alice. Mechanical sounds, wind-up toys and electronic atmospheres intertwining together, guarding a frail voice full of longing waiting for a right beat to take a stroll to a sunnier side of the street.

Eh, you like your music interesting and dandy nice? Check Mooi’s EP, proof that there is a musical scene developing in México as we speak…

Words: Sam

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