Flies are spies from hell – Nerves still beating

Don’t be put off by the tracklist being only 5 songs, 3 out of them remixes. The new Flies are spies from hell EP, Nerves still beating is half an hour of post rock goodness, with two new tracks and three reworkings from 2009’s Red Eyes Unravelling.

‘Nerves still beating’ brings the anthemic, expansive sound of Flies are spies from hell. From the very slow, landscaping intro that sets the mood as downbeat to that old antithesis of subtle, it’s worth the price of admission alone. With some very soothing elements (love the piano bits!) intertwining with the dissonance, it’s a musical arrhythmia that feels strangely positive and optimistic.

Sunshine won’t last, however, as ‘Axe to the root’ is more of an overcast prelude to an apocalyptic storm. You know those moments when the air feels dry and you can hear the thunders in the distance, sometimes making the sealant from the windows tremble and start packing for the hills? This what the song feels like: a prelude to a massive thunderstorm. It eventually arrives and the initial feelings of dread dissipate under a deluge of notes. Piano is cherry on top, that heavy palm muting near the end is the frosting. Love this one.

The three remixes are an interesting combination. ‘Wallow in threat (court of hidden faces remix)’ is a creepy ambient piece that could fit perfectly in the more unsettling bit of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. : Shadow of Chernobyl‘Great Deadener (Gunning for Tamar Remix)’ is more of a dancey affair, with droning bits. Although it seems to be meandering, it is going for a build up. There’s no big explosions but a chilling drum beat ending attack. ‘King Sly (Karhyde Remix)’ goes for the ambient attack, with some gorgeous swells (mit Reverb) for your listening pleasure. There is a pleasant thundering ending and out of the three remixes, this is the one that sticks to the post rock bible the most. All three are different interpretations gunning for different emotions. Good range.

Nerves still beating is your gateway drug to the instrumental world of Flies are spies from hell. If you need something cinematic, check these guys out.

Words: Sam

Flies are spies from hell Website. Facebook. Twitter.Bandcamp. Last.fm. Myspace.

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