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Sloucher’s Bridge Burnin’ Tramlines 2014 guide.


Just because I was kicked out left Sheffield, doesn’t mean we won’t do a preview for ya. We know it’s a very busy weekend, this whole Tramlines thing, so we’ve done a lil’ list of bands we really suggest you check.

Like last year, we’ve compiled a nifty PDF file you can print with our recommendations. Print it double sided, fold it and Bob’s your uncle No, really, we did the DNA test – don’t you believe our DNA testing methods? Philistine!

Hi, I am a free PDF guide. >CLICK ME<!

Can’t be arsed to move around and want to stay #safe in one location? We got your back with these suggestions for full days*:




The Audacious Art Experiment – 5 quid entry, BYOB. 

Night flowers
Che Ga Zebra
Fever Dream
The Jelas
Dead Badgers




The Folk Forest – Endcliffe Park (Free Entry)

The Folk Forest is not only a great place to hide from the hustle and bustle of the crowded city centre, there’s some rather excellent food and ale to be had.

Line up for Saturday:

19:00 – Jally Kebbe Susso & his band
18:00 – Nuala Honan & her band
17:00 – The Monster Ceilidh Band
16:00 – Rachel Sermanni
15:00 – Little Robots
14:00 – Low Duo
13:00 – Canyon Family

Line up for Sunday: 

19:00 – Kit Downs Quartet
18:00 – Big Eyes Family Players
17:00 – Woolly Mammoth
16:00 – Little Unsaid
15:00 – Buffalo Skinners
14:00 – Nat Johnson & friends
13:00 – Laura James & Lyres
12:00 – Red Trees




University Arms (free)

21:00 Dinosaur Pile Up
20:20 Baby Godzilla
19:40 Steel Trees
19:00 Goat Leaf
18:15 Desert Motel Club
17:30 Unicorn Hunters
16:45 Bad For Lazarus
16:00 Firesuite
15:15 Red Mist Destruction
14:30 Autopsy Boys
13:45 Perfect Parachute Picture
13:00 Cadavers






Shakespeare’s – WagonWheel Presents…Tramlines 2014 (free)

Bard’s Bar stage (Upstairs):
10pm The Lucky Strikes
9pm The Nøse
8pm Mike Hughes
7pm Grassoline
6pm Paul Littlewood
5pm Tomorrow We Sail
4pm David J. Roch

Beer Garden (outside):
9.35pm David J Roch
8.35pm Quiet Loner
7.35pm Ash Gray
6.35pm M G Boulter
5.35pm Neil McSweeney
4.35pm Tom Baxendale
3.30pm Jacob Fletcher



Other stuff to do: 

-Get on The Busker Bus. Always a good time and it’s free transportation, dammit. Be on the lookout for The Clench, See Emily Play and Stuart Faulkner.

-Going to see a smokin’ hot act like Maybeshewill, Esben & The Witch or Post War Glamour Girls? Be there early!

Sheffield Cathedral is a gorgeous place and if you can make some time to see bands there, we absolutely recommend it.

-Don’t know a band? Take a chance, take a chance, take a chance on theeeem.

-Enjoy yourself. And beware  of the Piano Playing Nun. You’ll see it.

Link again, in case you don’t want to scroll up. More bands!


Words: Sam J. Valdés López.

*We also suggest you invest in Malden.


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