Lollygagging in Sheffield – November gig list


It’s been a while since we’ve done one of these – a combination of stress, fatigue and general lack of zest were some of the causes. Also, not being in Sheffield now, it’s hard to be “in the know”, even if well-meaning insiders are kind enough to send us their stuff.

This one is for you.

This also is dedicated to the people of Screaming Maldini, who are now no more. A goodbye gig has been announced. We wish them their best, they were pretty understanding of our goofy demeanor.

Anyways, gigs. Remember that tickets for gigs at The Harley and Queens Social Club can be bought cheaper before the gig from, the Harley, Record Collector (Broomhill, Sheffield), the Old Sweet Shop (Nether Edge, Sheffield), LP Records

Sat Nov 1st @ Shakespeares : The Fargo Railroad Co. + The Farewell State + Mordrake.  RSVP.

Wed Nov 5th @ The Harley: Marika Hackman + Nat Johnson.

Sat Nov. 8th @ Tye Die Tapes. Ed Schrader + The Hipshakes, The Red Cords and TBC. RSVP.

Sat Nov 8th @ The Harley: Jehst and Strange U

Wed Nov 12th @ The Audacious Art Experiment: Eureka, California + Che Ga Zebra + Cowtown. RSVP.

Thu Nov 13th @ Queens Social club: Ibibio Sound Machine

Thu Nov 13th @ The Harley: The Voyeurs

Fri Nov 14th @ Shakespeares : Rachel Ries + Canyon Family + Ian Bramall.

Sat Nov 15th @ The Harley: Daniel Whitehouse

Mon Nov 17th @ The Harley: She keeps bees

Thurs Nov 20th @ The Greystones : Wild Ponies + Grassoline. RSVP.

Thu Nov 20th @ The Harley: 2:54

Fri Nov 21st @ The Harley: Racing Glaciers + The Payroll Union

Sun Nov 23rd @ Queens Social club: The Skatalites

Thu Nov 27th @ The Harley: Simone Felice

Sat Nov 29th @ Picture House Social : Hey Sholay + Support RSVP.

Sat Nov 29th @ Shakespeares : Boss Caine + Dave Woodcock + Joe Solo + Richard Kitson. RSVP.

Thanks and see you on the other side.



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