Invite: (mini)Sheffield Zine Fest


Funded by Off The Shelf Festival and organised in cahoots with Sheffield Zine Fest, the (mini)Sheffield Zine Fest will take place at Bank Street Arts on Saturday November 2nd.

The event is free entry, running from 11 am until 2 pm, so come down and browse our printed offerings of prose and poetry, perhaps buy a copy or two, or swap if you believe in bartering like we Mexicans did when we pretty much gave away Texas to the Gringos to save the life of one piss poor excuse for president.

Not that I’m bitter.

Anyways, it’s free entry, and confirmed table dwellers include:

Salford Zine Library

Tye Die Tapes

Closed Caption

Emily Tulett

Edge Of The Universe Printing Press

Sheffield Zine Fest

Also… us. “Beware the Prophet of typos, because his is the kingdom of purple prose and terrible first drafts.

RSVP right here.

DID YOU KNOW:  November 2nd is Comemoración de los Fieles Difuntos in México, which follows Día de Todos los Santos which y’all adjudicated as Día de Muertos. I’m not bitter about this, though.

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