Preview : Detestival


Ah, that time of year, when we celebrate someone getting crossed to some beams and resurrected on the third day. But enough about Arnold Schwarzenegger, it’s DETESTIVAL time.

As you may recall, Detestival is a good ol’ time at Queens Social Club. Last year, we drowned in rum while wondering if Bo Ningen made more sense than the ending of Evangelion (they do), if the members of Black Moth were actually Gremlins (“gizmo—caca!”) and we also wondered how much gravel John J. Presley gargles before singing.

This year, Detestival has expanded to three (3) days, with tickets available at 14 quid per day or 30 for the whole bag o’beans. It’s also got some nifty acts and this is the part where you wonder about acts. Well, glad you asked, lemme grab this here press release and check my paypal to see who bribed me into recommending…



Well, we have been fans of Bromheads for a long while (no, really?), so we gotta suggest their live set. Mike Hughes is also a swell act to see, so catch him up.



Now, this one’s a great day, so I suggest you get early and catch the madness of Seize The Chair, gaze at the abandoned motel musings of Rumpus, get some chills from Brown Brogues (live review) and groove to the always granite-solid PINS (album review).



Well, we’ve seen That Fucking Tank live and it ruled, Menace Beach are always a joy to listen to and Baba Naga might be a wildcard to you, but I have a lot of (dark) faith on them.

Now, just because I didn’t mention a band doesn’t mean they aren’t good. Some of them I’ve never seen live so I can’t speak pre-emptively, but you can always be pleasantly surprised by bands. Besides, some of these bands might catapult into a more rarefied atmosphere before the year ends. Just look at how big Hookworms got (deservedly).

ANYWAYS, tickets:

TTFN. Go and win this for the Gipper…or the Sloucher. I’m stuck in Mexico.

Words: Sam J. Valdés López

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