Audioscope – Music for a good home 2

Charity releases are always a double edged sword: There are instances when something mediocre will be released (justcan’tgetenoughcoverfrom2009) and you’re expected to give it a good review because “it’s for charity, innit?”. Then there’s happier cases, like Audioscope’s overnumerous* compilation, Music for a good home two.

This release, which you can bagsy for a fiver,  is made up of 40 tracks, mixing several genres, but keeping it more in the post rock, electronica and alt-rock side of the tape collection. That fiver that you donated goes towards Shelter.

Ah, Music. Yes. For starters, there’s some proper electronic sounds here, with the always befuddling, never disappointing Four Tet. Warm Digits has a very cool, nifty electronica track (‘Sleep Thieves’) that is quite uplifting and mathy. Deco Child sports a couple of couple sample in their ambient, slightly dancey ‘South Paw’, another gem in this collection of goods.

Rock, of the Post prefix sort, is very well represented here. Karhide‘s apocalyptic sounds, one third electronics, one third heavy metal and one third sludge, is slow burning and groovy, never outstaying its welcome and slowly hypnotising your senses with that snakecharmin’ ability the band has. Listing Ships is a very pleasant surprise, mixing tiny bits of slacker rock with a lot of noisy post rock. Their track, ‘American Steam Company’ is a beacon of enlightening for those saying that guitar music is dead.

There are quite a few good remixes here too. I always loved Gunning for Tamar‘s ‘Astronaut Abort’ and although the remix by LukuS doesn’t match the emotional energy that the original transmits, it still is a pretty good interpretation. Alright the Captain gets a rather swell remix by Karhide. The track? ‘Honey Badger’, a gem from their albun SNIB

The experimental team is also present. Felix has that sense of intimacy that feels like a lost-in-time minuet repeating itself in the ghostly remains of a forgotten castle (the cello part made my skin crawl – ace!). Laura Moody‘s ‘Oh Mother’ is minimal, bluesy and quite spectral. The first time I heard it, I was confused, but there’s this raw feeling seeping through its running time that makes it as enthralling as a performance piece.

As any compilation, there might be tracks that land as well as Launchpad McQuack and although I didn’t dislike any tracks at all, there might be people who are most strict (I was called “unrefined” the other day, ah). Still, with the veritable cornucopia of good music encompassed in this digital compilation, you might as well take the plunge: you will be rewarded with good music and a good charity will get a bit of help.

Words: Sam J. Valdés López

*With apologies to Negative One and his condition.

Audioscope Website. Twitter. Facebook. Bandcamp.

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