New music – May 23th, 2014


It’s near the end of May and we are nearing the halfway mark for 2014. So far, so good? Listen buster, do I look like someone who could answer that question?

But what I can do is offer you a lil’ mix with some of the best new music I’ve heard this week. Let’s tarry no longer here, my good chap:

On a slightly brighter shade of music we’ve got Dead Sea Navigators, bringing sexy AND elegant out for a joyride with ‘Our man in Havana’, from their recently released EP also titled Our man in Havana. Breezy pop with a few psychedelic moments (all about daaaat panning, man!) Get it now (and stalk them on Facebook.)

Walking Bicycles doomy pop teases you with some fiery screaming, just like Godzilla, screaming that might not come but what we got here is a satisfying ditty that fulfills expectations, which is not like Godzilla. Man, that film dragged. Anyways, Walking Bicycles‘ album, To Him That Wills The Way, drops August 12th.

Toshes do a raucous stoner cocktail of music that loves to change tempo because, eff it, who wants to do 4 on the floor stuff all the time? ‘Smoker man’ has a video (featuring some artwork by Gnasher) has what I fear the most: ties. Watch it here!

Sheffield’s own Brave New Storm have an EP called So we leave and ‘Walden’ is the first cut let loose on the general population. And if you fear that, you can always jump in a car with me (I’ll let your ride shotgun) while we listen to the ol’ hoedown worthy music of Green Rock River Band, who release their debut album Rhinoceros on May 26th and this lil’ mix tried to include ‘Old Summer nights’ Yeehaw! Corn bread on me (my mother’s recipe is rather excellent.) Here‘s the song as it somehow is not letting itself be added to the mix.

Now then, my groovy pals, this is the part in the mix where I crank up the volume and my choice is The Golden Grass and their trippydelic song ‘Sugar ‘n’ spice’. Between a lovely wah wah solo and a thick atmosphere, I’m loving this 70s power rock stuff. Their self titled album is out on June 30th (Svart Records.)

What’s that? I hear you say “but Sam, I want more 70s influenced rock!” and I must comply, comply, comply. Here’s the Sabbath-friendly compadres of Electric Citizen with their baphomet-approved track ‘Light Years Beyond’. Their stupidly awesome album Sateen is out on July 1st, 2014. Need it.

Holy Frijoles refritos, Conveyor, a band that crafted a very complex album of pop a few years ago, have a monster of an album called Prime, which was born from composing and playing while under the influence of THX 1138 (which is a rather excellent film. SEE IT.) Conveyor‘s Prime is out on July 15th and if you love experimental music or want to watch this classic film on mute with new music blasting, get this album.

Just the other day I was talking with my dad about Classical music and he wondered if we’ll ever get more instrumental music that feeds the soul. Sontag Shogun has some pretty nourishing sounds. They have been working for three years with their debut album Tales and ‘The Musk Ox’ has floored me. Check ’em out?

Last but not least, check out that gorgeous, ethereal wail from Vedas in ‘Mis Rajh’, a hypnotic track that mellows everything down until we all evaporate back into The Great Void (sorry, been playing too many fantasy games.) Follow Vedas on Facebook and get their lovely EP at Bandcamp.

Enjoy the weekend, cuates.

Words: Sam J. Valdés  López







Drink milk.

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