Podcast – Cat’s bedroom jams


Ironically, this mixtape wasn’t created in my own bedroom but I guess it doesn’t matter where a mixtape is made as long as it has jams on it you know you can bust a few moves without popping out a hip. Now for a bit of background… recently I’ve been listening to die hard emo and to be honest, it’s not really helped the old heart strings keep upright, Therefore this mixtape represents how I’ve taken a new path into righteousness to create the ULTIMATE MIXTAPE you just have to grace your ears with.

Upon creating this playlist I thought I would try stick to a specific few genres (math/post/instrumental/emo rock) but, nahh, where’s the fun in that (said no one ever, well maybe my mum)! Some of the tracks remind me of childhood, some remind me of happy days out in the sun (that’s a lie, I hate the sun), some remind me of summer love and some remind me of why I like music so much, which is probably every single track but you know how it is.

I hope you enjoy the mixtape, it was sure fun creating it and I’ll see you next time for CAT’S BEDROOM JAMS. Peace out homedawgs.

Cat Keller

Dinosaur Enthusiast.


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