New music – May 16th, 2014


OK, not all is “new” here, most egregious of all is the inclusion of Len‘s ‘Steal my sunshine’, but hear me out: the song will be re-released by the mighty Alcopop! Records and I’m fond of this song as it reminds me of a girl, who was called Paola, not Karen.

But, yes, new music, please! Listen the post rock odes from Mexico’s Jvne, the lovely ditty by Nat Johnson walking through the leafy surroundings of Sheffield and ponder the mighty power of Dad Rocks! and their stupidly awesome music.

Incidentally, have you heard the good news? American Analog Set has a new re-release coming up and we’ve included one of the new tracks in this collection. You can preorder the vinyl here. Other good news include The Provincial Archive covering Elliott Smith‘s ‘Son of Sam’, Shields and Humanfly survivors reuniting as Kings and the nocturnal music of The Harrow making summer nights bearable.

Faces on film have an amazing video and we quite like their music, hence their inclusion. So goes for Ava Luna and Alarm Bells, two great bands that are gaining some well deserved kudos.

Phew, almost there. Stay with us. A million billion dying suns have this ace track called ‘Strawberry Letter 23’, crack open a strawberry cider (awesome drink) and listen to this droning gem. Dignan Porch have a cool release for you in June, but you can listen to ‘Wait&wait&wait’ right now in our mix!

Les Jupes survived this last winter and recorded a few songs for you, check their stuff out! Maybe they should pay Dr. Res a visit, as the warm Spain weather inspires some dance move in ‘Dr. Kugutsushi’, part of a longer conceptual piece called Lung Kidnapping released on 12″ (more stuff at soundcloud.) Last but not least, The Teen Age keep doing their “doo woop garage” (still rock and roll to me, if you ask this fat music lover) and ‘Stop’ is a taster of their new EP, Ways to Adapt (out June 3rd.)


Enjoy the weekend, cuates.

Words: Sam J. Valdés  López

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