Go ahead, you can laugh all you want…

Gig Review: Ben Folds @ o2 Academy 26.02.11

Ok so, I know it’s almost a month after the fact (blame my dissertation for this) but I just wanted to do a little ditty about the Ben Folds gig I went to last month.

My whole family loves Mr Folds, so my ‘little’ brother and I decided to fork out the hefty £25 for a ticket to see the fella live in Sheffield. Seeing as we’d both seen him a coupla times before, we knew it would be worth it in the end…
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Come to my pod

Cats:for:Peru + Zapp Brannigan @ Sheffield Hallam Hubs, Pod A

A gusty Wednesday brought me to the Sheffield Hallam’s Hubs, that strange maze of party rooms, bars and never-ending binges.

Below, people massed to see some football match between squads I have no knowledge of. Music first, sports later.

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Pete David & The Payroll Union’s Hoedown @Broomhall Community Centre.

with support from The Biddy Fiddlers, Low Duo and Dan Haywood’s New Hawks.

It was a cold, damp Saturday. The snow that flurried in the morning was now a wet mess in the streets and the cold British winter was on its last throes.

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Vitality & Magnetism

Live Review: Hey Sholay, Supported by The Book Club, & Seize the Chair @ The Forum 09.02.11

I’ll dispense with the boring introduction.

First up is Sheffield-based band Seize The Chair, who play an enjoyable brand of chugging geek rock with a distinctly British feel. With a swift drummer, some distortion (talk to Sam about this, he’s the expert) and a really fun, riotous frontman, Seize the Chair got the crowd suitably warmed up and slopping beer down themselves – always a good sign.
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Panoramic Musical Power

Live Review: Esben and the Witch supported by Trophy Wife, & Fixers @ The Harley, 07.02.11

There’s been a bit of a buzz going ‘round about Esben and the Witch and the somewhat unearthly sonic landscaping of their debut album Violet Cries (review here). Related links have been flying to and fro across the office computers for a while now so you can imagine our collective excitement at being able to witness the band’s live show first-hand….

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Interview – Bromheads

First time we heard about Bromheads was due to one of our writer’s watching their slightly chaotic show in DQ during Tramlines 2009. Since said writer (name rhymes with Spam) is a big fan of the band, we managed to get a quick interview with Tim (guitar, voice) and Dan (drums), who were kind enough to take all the questions we sent their way.

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Interview – The Monicans

The Monicans is one of those bands I’ve heard a lot about from other bands in Sheffield, sort of a band’s band. Their psychedelic, seedy music is pretty rocking and talking with them was quite fun. Check out this rather strange conversation, with a rather weird joke which went nowhere (my fault, really).

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Interview – Wet Nuns

It’s a calm afternoon in a dreary upscale cahootin’ pub in Ranmoor. The clientele is well dressed in penny loafers and shiny suits, with dogs in diamond-studded leashes. The only normal looking fellas are a pair of honest-to-God Sheffield Death Blues rockers. They are Terence Trent D’barndance (guee-tahr, screams) and Wired Earp (drums, sexy torso) and they make music by the name of Wet Nuns. After some sexy drinks, we talk for a while…

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Interview – The Violet May

It’s a slightly chilly day in September at the front side of the Showroom Cinema. There, Chris Mcclure and a friend of his are having a conversation about, well, life in general. The best type. I join in for a while and we talk about the current state of radio, not only in the UK, but also in Mexico. I drop the bombshell that there’s barely any radio stations playing rock in a city as big as Mexico City (with 20+ million people) and the response is an honest “wow”. Chris’ friend eventually bids farewell and we are joined by John (guitar, keyboard) and Jono (guitar).

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