Pistola Kicks @ The Bowery

Pistola Kicks @ The Bowery

As the cold season exacerbates (there’s yer word of the day), gigs start to appear like the alternative to some human interaction.

And stuff.

Anyways, so Pistola Kicks played on The Bowery, road testing more of their newest material while reworking some of their older stuff. Slimmed down to a three piece this year, they seem to veer into a rockier branch.

Show opener ‘Head in the sand’ is one of these new songs. With some serious riff going around and the mad drum pace, it’s a hell of a show opener. Same goes for ‘A button like no other’, a song combining these hard rocking skills with their dance rock stylings that they sported on their first EP.

The old songs from said EP, like previously said, were also taken out to walk. ‘Boquerones’ still has that punchy bassline that makes it memorable and ‘Broken bones’ is still catchy and foot tapping.

Set closer ‘Worse things happen’ changes its face maniacally by the end, going into a good old jam with a righteous drumming that really was the highlight, easily winning by a landslide as the song of that night. Hard to describe it, really, but there’s this part when Ed Evan’s drumming goes into a very ominous range and both Joe (guitar) and Jamie (bass) have to play catch up. Pretty good and thunderous.

Hopefully this rockier evolution is here to stay.


Head in the sand


Friday Nights





Broken Bones

Worse things could happen

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