Xrayhorse 9 – Buffalo Bones, Wot Gorilla?, Death Rays and Dead Sons

Buffalo Bones, Wot Gorilla?, Death Rays and Dead Sons @ The Harley

Opening duties was by Buffalo Bones, from Leeds. Starting with some mild  blues rock which progressively got more and more interesting (and, yeah, heavier), they went for some grunge stuff. The very tribal ‘Strangest of feelings’ (all about that creepy intro and wicked bass-love this one) and ‘Silence is golden’ were cool ditties. They closed the proggy-lite ‘Left before I arrived’, a prime cut saved for the last. Top choice.

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Interview – Nat Johnson & The Figureheads

It was a cold day in August and the weather prediction was cloudy with a high chance of rambling and ranting. I have to interview Nat Johnson and the Figureheads. They are Nat (vocals/guitar), Kevin (guitar), Chris (bass) and Neil (drums).

One of the bar staff graciously puts a table for us outside, and we sat for a few minutes, with mouths agape towards the visually striking imagery that is the Sheffield rush hour. Some rambling about a half naked man appearing in some of Neil’s previous gigs goes on for a bit and then I remember I have to actually interview them …

(long interview, here’s a song to listen to…)

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An interview with Sheffield’s greatest monkey

Interview – Jonny Sock

(no, he ain’t from the Arctic…)

Our previous online editor, Orestes, was killed by the minions of the Angel of the North (true story, I have the video to prove it!), but waaaaaaay before that unfortunate incident (see what I did there? tee hee), he/she/it managed to get an interview with equally dead sock monkey Jonny Sock in the now soon to be deceased The Grapes.

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Unfortunate letters about incidents – 7

Welcome to our new weekly column with Russ “chords of gold” Palmer. This week, he writes with grave concern to Top Shop

(and here’s a song to listen to while reading this incident…)

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Review: 65 days of Static – Heavy Sky (EP)

65daysofstatic – Heavy Sky (EP)

The skinny: That little tail behind the comet that was We were exploding anyway.

The review proper: Why chop down ‘Tiger girl’?

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That’ll be the last time we invite you!

It was a cold, bitter October afternoon (leading to a hypothermia-laden night) and the text message in my shitphone (i.e. any smartphone that doesn’t bear the Mark of The FruitBeast) read: “get yo’self to Budgie and the Toad”.

And I sez to meself: Ok.

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Liars Beware of the fuzz…

Liars Beware – The last 24 hours EP.

The skinny: A cotton swab to the timpanii. Allegedly. With fuzz.

The review proper: Pretty lo-fi and rocking effort from this band comprising members from everywhere else (Smokers Die Younger, Nature Set) and exmembers of somewhere from past yonder (Long Blondes, Navvy).

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Unfortunate letters about incidents – 6


Welcome to our new weekly column with Russ “chords of gold” Palmer. This week, he writes with grave concern to Toblerone

(Editor’s note: this might be the reason behind the name of his band, The Unfortunate Incident)

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Mancunian musical radiation

I am Kloot @ Leadmill, Sheffield October 6 2010

As previously stated in another review in this very site, it’s hard to detach yourself from the sometimes impossibly high expectations of a band you love and the show you get.

Such is the case for I am Kloot, a band that took me into a long, arduous path of emotional gordian knots and slice of life lyrics with their second album, I am Kloot.

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Restless Times – A review

Restless Times : Art in Britain 1914 – 1945

They say that misery drives art. I don’t know who “they” are nor can I muster up to say where I got that quote. For all I know, it’s something I just made up.

There’s no worse misery in this world than the misery we inflict into each other. Whether for greed, envy or for the illusion of power, man is the wolf of man, and from that conflict, art arises as a response, whether as condemnation or as a cry for help.

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