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Live Review: Hey Sholay, Supported by The Book Club, & Seize the Chair @ The Forum 09.02.11

I’ll dispense with the boring introduction.

First up is Sheffield-based band Seize The Chair, who play an enjoyable brand of chugging geek rock with a distinctly British feel. With a swift drummer, some distortion (talk to Sam about this, he’s the expert) and a really fun, riotous frontman, Seize the Chair got the crowd suitably warmed up and slopping beer down themselves – always a good sign.

Next up is The Book Club – Joe Carnall’s musical endeavour post-Milburn. The band is technically sound and musically able and they include an awesome ode to ‘Norwegian Wood’ in the middle of one of their songs. However, I prefer it when they stick to the more melodic (almost blusier) stuff, and I think their set list could do with a bit of cut & paste and a few song structure re-workings…otherwise they run the risk of losing some (for want of a better word) musical ‘oomph’.

Finally, the headliners Hey Sholay are a joy to watch live. The band are fizzing and bubbling with energy and their untamed, raw indie rock induces more than a few nodding-heads and tapping feet throughout the crowd.

Hey Sholay are quirky and unpredictable and that comes across not only in their live show but also in the way they conduct their musical dealings: we got in for free tonight and I brought their addictive one-time-only EP for £1 including handmade cover and track-listing.

A few months ago, when the Sloucherites were lucky enough to watch the band at Rollerpalooza (review here) the band were selling tapes of their EP at the merch stand. I miss tapes. It was something different.

And that is Hey Sholay really – different. We’ve got a frontman who embraces the art of performance quite aside from the fact that he has an impressive pair of pipes; and a bassist and guitarist who are pretty much the heart of the band with all their intricate melodic layering and obvious good rapport, as well as a sound rhythm section and lovely electronics.

This is not just plain old indie rock; this is something animated, lively and magnetic with memorable and well-written songs to boot. Particular highlights for me include ‘Burning’ ‘Dreamboat’ and ‘In Bed with old nick (kids in bearsuits on drugs)’. The band plays some newer stuff tonight which also goes down well.

Hey Sholay gel well live and they send a little buzz of excitement over the huge crowd that has gathered to watch them play. And what a lucky bunch we are too, eh!?


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Hey Sholay @MySpace    The Book Club @MySpace    Seize The Chair @MySpace

Words: PM
Pix: Sam

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